Everything about the 7 Day Week


Taco Tuesday

Why are Tacos assigned to the second day of the week? Most people would connect Tacos to Tuesday because both words begin with the letter T and together they create a catchy phrase. There is certainly some alliteration going on, but the link between tacos and Tuesday goes much deeper. Tacos are the perfect food for Tuesday. Here’s why! Tuesday is […]


Monday is Meatloaf

Serving family traditions instead of following dietary regimes. Today it seems that if our daily menu does not reflect one of the popular health diets, we simply aren’t moving along. There was time when all cooks had to do was to serve the right main dish on the proper night of the week. It was a tradition that we appear […]


Thai Colors of the Day

The day of the week practices of the Thai people hold great meaning for them. We are consulting the book, Thai Ways, written by Denis Segaller to learn more about Thai beliefs.  Originally this material appeared as a weekly column in the Bangkok World newspaper which ran continuously from 1975-1985. The book is dedicated to Segaller’s wife, Laddawan, who introduced […]


The Two-Minute Task

At one point during my personal investigation of the days of the week I wondered if there were any quick actions that I could take that would allow me to contact and express the daily rulers. Here is what I found: