Everything about the 7 Day Week


Lock Her Up

It’s the political chant hurled at Hilary. Now it’s being tossed at Ivanka. Will it stick? Ivanka Trump defends her use of a private email account as she  took on the duties of Assistant to the President two years ago.  She says that her lapse in protocol cannot be compared to the charges made by against Hilary Clinton’s while holding […]


The Three Wives of DJT

Each of Trump’s three wives was born on Sunday. How in God’s world did that happen? It’s true that Donald Trump has married three women who were all born on Sunday. It’s strange, but not that unusual to  repeat certain “patterns” in regard to the different days of the week. We simply aren’t paying attention to the part that the seven day week […]


What About That Jacket?

Melania Trump has sent out a strange message by wearing a jacket with a cryptic message. To whom was it intended and what did it mean?


High Hopes for Hope Hicks

How long will the new White House Communications Director last? Considering the state of Trump’s cabinet, it’s a good question. …….


Person of the Year 2016

This  morning Donald Trump was announced Time Magazine’s 2016 Person of the Year -and- the President of the Divided States of America.  This selection makes sense reflecting back over the the past twelve months. No one has ever influenced our daily news like Trump. Most people forget that “The Person of the Year” award is simply a slick marketing gimmick […]


Trump and Obama Converse by Phone

Today we learned that Donald Trump speaks regularly with President Obama. Beyond their first sit-down they’ve put in more than 30 hours discussing any number of issues. Learn more.