Everything about the 7 Day Week


Saturday is the seventh day of the week. It follows Friday and precedes Sunday. In the Biblical Scriptures Saturday was given the title of day of rest. The Romans named this day after the outermost planet Saturn.

Saturday Activities

On Saturday we evaluate our personal situation and attend to matters that are holding us back in some way. We may be off from work, but we probably face a list of things that require our attention. Anything that is broken could be fixed or taken to where it can be repaired. We can also stock up on the household items of which we are short. Our major problem on Saturday is maintaining our stamina throughout the day. SATURN challenges our limits to the point of exhaustion. This is a great day for outdoor activities requiring strength and endurance. Some people use the Saturday energy for facing the imperfections in their personal character and making the proper amends.

Saturday Two-minute Task

These actions reveal that physical world, while useful definitely has a shelf-life. Gather together all your belongings that need repair or list the tasks that need finishing up. Make a bag of clothing to take to the cleaners. Collect another bag of things to give to charity. Move any seasonal items to the attic, basement or garage. Sort out your tools according to their use. Make an appointment to have your car serviced. Change the kitty litter. Rake the leaves in your yard. Take out the garbage. Pick up some roadside trash. Send cards to elderly relatives.


Angel of the Day

Archangel Cassiel rules Saturday.He advocates that solitude be taken to simplify our lives. He teaches us to be practical and self-reliant. The interests of Cassiel rest primarily in agriculture, construction, restoration and investments. He works slowly but surely. He is an agent of Karma.


Individuals born on Saturday approach life head-on because they view survival as the ultimate challenge. Their personal interactions with physical existence are stabilizing and their practical efforts can shape our ongoing reality. Their early lives usually hold some significant limitation or personal challenge. Seeing things as primarily black or white, these folks have a tendency to become despondent or sullen if they are not treated fairly. Even brute force can be rationalized, even when it is known not to be right. SATURN types do best as they detach themselves from the results of their actions and perform their duties as good works.



#73 SAT ARI  Jim Parsons 

#74 SAT TAU  Princess Charlotte

#76 SAT CAN  Lady Diana

#78 SAT VIR  Prince Harry

#78 SAT VIR  Bill O’Reilly

#78 SAT VIR  John McCain

#79 SAT LIB  Serena Williams

#80 SAT SCO  Samantha Bee

#81 SAT SAG  Emma Portner

#81 SAT SAG  Bette Midler

#81 SAT SAG  Kaley Cuoco

#81 SAT SAG  Michael Bennett

#82 SAT CAP  Jared Kushner

#82 SAT CAP  Kate Middleton

#83 SAT AQU  Yoko Ono

#84 SAT PIS  Stormy Daniels

#84 SAT PIS  Ellen Page

#84 SAT PIS  Kurt Russell


Rest and Recharge

Reinforce your SATURDAY nature in the following locations: a religious retreat, organic farm, cattle ranch, archaeological dig, ghost town, mountain climb, cave expedition, junk shop, thrift store, county jail, pet shelter, local museum, historic monument, invention exposition and energy farm.

Saturday Birthstones

Vedic astrology recommends the Blue Sapphire to augment discipline and responsibility regarding profession. It helps the wearer to bear up under adversity when traveling. Western astrologers suggest violet and black gems for SATURDAY including Amethyst, Indocolite, Iolite, Onyx and Jet.

Saturday Fragrances

These natural substances intensify the Saturnian affect in prayer, meditation and spells: Cypress, Coltsfoot, Black Poppy, Fir, Frankincense, Galipan, Hemlock, Hyacinth, Moss, Myrrh, Nightshade, and Pansy.