Everything about the 7 Day Week


Thursday is the fifth day of the week. It follows Wednesday and precedes Friday. Thursday is one of the five work days. The Romans named this day after the huge planet (Thor) Jupiter.

Thursday Activities

On Thursday we view the larger picture. We are over the hump and the end of the work week is in sight. It is time to take stock of all that has been accomplished and attend to the finishing details. Jupiter wants things done right, especially concerning the final points of promotion and presentation. If anything submitted for our approval seems substandard, damaged or inequitable, we should consult the advice of the appropriate professionals. Our major problem on Thursday is that may promise more than we can deliver because the grandiose has a compelling appeal. Still, its a wonderful day to survey our kingdoms and look after the needs of those who are not as fortunate as ourselves.    More.

Thursday Two-minute Task

These actions affirm that we live in a caring and abundant world. Take stock of everything good in your life. Make a list of everyone who has ever helped you. Consider one of your personal faults and ponder upon how it could be improved. Think of ways that you can give someone a hand today. Let someone help you. Find one positive feature about a public figure who is misunderstood or disliked. Visualize a place you would like to visit. Put the loose change from your pocket into a jar earmarked for realizing an impossible dream. Write a check to a worth cause or charity.   More.

Angel of the Day

Archangel Sachiel rules Thursday.  He has a generous nature and a great sense of humor. He pushes for abundance and sees the absolute best in everyone.  Sachiel is the benefactor of  teachers from preschool to post-graduate. He insists upon an equal playing field for all.   More.


Individuals born on Thursday view life as a positive experience which should be enjoyed. Not only do they long for the best that money can buy, they enjoy traveling and seeing for themselves how other people live. Their high regard for quality pushes them to maintain everything have have accumulated over time. Still possessions are not as dear to these folks as are their social reputations, which tend to be professional or professorial. JUPITER types prefer not to offend others, yet they become outraged when their own sense of pride is wounded. Their beliefs tend to be devout along the lines of orthodoxy, but sometimes equally ardent regarding less conventional belief systems.   More.


Thursday Profiles

#49 THU ARI  Stephen Paddock 

#50 THU TAU  Kunal Nayya

#50 THU TAU  Stephen Paddock 

#50 THU TAU Louis Farrakhan

#52 THU CAN  Gloria Allred

#54 THU VIR  Elijah Cummings

#54 THU VIR  Michael Cohen

#54 THU VIR  Sean Spicer

#56 THU SCO Chip Gaines

#56 THU SCO Keith Urban

#58 THU CAP  John Legend

#47 THU AQU Bryan Abasolo

#60 THU PIS  Sybil Leek


Rest and Recharge

Reinforce your THURSDAY nature in the following locations: a comedy club, clown school, culinary class, game arcade, operatic performance, religious retreat, wine tasting, foreign film, scenic cruise, golf game, gambling casino, pawn shop, travel agency, expeditionary trek, student exchange program, and ancient temple. More.

Thursday Gemstones

Vedic astrology assigns the Yellow Sapphire to enhance the JUPITER qualities of prosperity and wisdom. Pure yellow clears the mind and opens up to spirit. Western astrologers advise blue and green stones such as Blue Apatite, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise for Thursday.  More.


Thursday Fragrances

These natural substances intensify the Jupiterian effect in prayer, meditation and spells: Aloes, Beech, Buttercup, Cedar, Cinnamon, Coltsfoot, Laurel, Lilac, Hyssop, Oak, Sage, Sandalwood, Melissa, Nutmeg, Oakmoss, Rosemary, Sage, Stock, and Storax.  More.