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The Dayology Newsletter Index 

Dayology NEWS – 02/2018 –  Our current  issue is filled with goodies.  See for yourself.

Dayology NEWS – 01/2018  – The Future as seen through the yearly Day Rays; Time Twins;   Wings of Desire; The Color Ultra Violet: They are Back; It’s About Time; Sybil Leek.

Dayology NEWS – 12/2017 –  Thoughts About the Future; How Random are Relationships? The Seven Archangels:  Yoga Every Day: When Harry Met Meghan;  Chris Carter.

Dayology NEWS – 11/2017 – Invitation for  personal contact:  The animosity between President Trump and Elizabeth Warren; Thanksgiving Thursday; Gloria Allred;  Solar and Lunar types; Zena Grey.

Dayology NEWS – 10/2017 – Happy First Birthday; Akan Soul Names; Predicting the Week Ahead; It’s Almost Like Praying; What Kind of Person; Brian Jones.

Dayology NEWS – 09/2017 – Dayology Profiles, Those Affleck Boys; Here we go round the Mulberry Bush; Who is Hope Hicks? It was Constantine; The #66 FRI VIR Male; Shirley Jackson.

Dayology NEWS – 08/2017 – Dayology as a Typology System,  Day of the Week Birthstones, The Twelve Meet the Press Moderators; Remembering Heather; Dayology in Space; The Dayology  Point of View; Kim Jon Un.

Dayology NEWS – 07/2017  The Dayology Sitemap; Melissa McCarthy and Sean Spicer; Andrea Mitchell Celebrates 50 years as a reporter; Rest and Recharge; Happy Birthday, Dalai Lama; Yoko Ono and John Lennon; What is Astrology;  Whoopie Goldberg.

Dayology NEWS – 06/2017 – Calculating Dayology Signatures; Pagans, Magicians and Witches; Yoko Ono is Honored; Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Addiction; The Feeling of Sunday; A Question about her New Age Past. and The YOU DECIDE! Feature.

Dayology NEWS – 05/2017  What is Dayology Anyway; Jared Kushner: The Best Days to Get Things Done; Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn; Dayology Health; Little Billy Kimmel; Synaesthesia and Dayology; Dayology’s Sunday Popularity; Our Global Viewers.