Calculate Your Signature

Everyone has a Sun Sign. It goes along with having a birth date.

You also have a Day Ray because the days of the week count too.

Our Dayology signature is composed of a Sun Sign and Day Ray.

The Sun Sign and Day Ray combine to make us whole beings.

Discover your Signature.

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Daylogy Analysis


Learn about your Dayology Signature!

Your Dayology Signature is composed of two parts:

1. The Day Ray - SUN through SAT- represents your INNER SELF.
2. The Sun Sign - ARI through PIS - signifies your OUTER SELF.

Look up the two parts of your signature by clicking one abbreviation in each group.

Example: #01 SUN ARI means SUN and ARI. (see two tables below)

The Seven Day Rays


The Twelve Sun Signs


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Dayology respects all individuals as they are designed to be.