Everything about the 7 Day Week


The Aries Outer Self

Ariens are headstrong and go after whatever they want. Their fiery enthusiasm for life is naturally injected in everything they do. Aries like to strike while the iron is hot because later on they may be disinterested in the same matters. Ariens work hard and fast. Truly they can accomplish in an hour what might take others a day. Ready for battle at a moment’s notice, Ariens relish competition. Confrontations are welcome as a way of testing their courage. Ariens can operate within a chain of command, but they would rather make the big decisions. Living on a minute to minute basis is their style. Overall Ariens tend to be healthy as they stay physically active throughout life, although accidents can happen. Their major complaints are fevers. They can also experience fatigue, eyestrain, headaches, and other stress complaints until they learn to relax.

Aries Profiles

#01 SUN ARI Rachel Maddow
#01 SUN ARI Tulsi Gabbard
#01 SUN ARI Erich von Däniken
#25 TUE ARI Nancy Pelosi
#25 TUE ARI Elton John 
#37 WED ARI Joanna Gaines  
#49 THU ARI Stephen Paddock 
#73 SAT ARI Chuck Todd 
#73 SAT ARI Jim Parsons 

Aries Professions

An Aries might be attracted to the roles of: Adventurer, Athlete, Civil Rights Activist, Cyclist, Diamond Cutter, Director, Emergency Responder, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Fire Fighter, Gangster, Law Enforcer, Iron Worker, Manufacturer, Mechanic, Optician, Physiotherapist, Race Car Driver, Runner, Scientist, Security Guard, Soldier, Sportscaster, Surgeon, Tattoo Artist,  or Wrestler.

Aries Health

Aries rules the head, particularly the brain, skull, cranium, forehead, eyes, cheeks, facial bones, jaw upper teeth and nose. Aries conditions may include: accidents, aneurysm, eye diseases, baldness, fevers, inflammation, injuries, headaches, migraines, bloody noses, rashes, sunstroke, swellings and toothache.


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