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Leos are natural leaders and love to be in the spotlight. They crave appreciation and applause. Most often it is their innate goodness and generosity that attracts attention to themselves. Still there isn’t a Leo alive who doesn’t love mirrors and wouldn’t ham it up in front of a camera. Self-confidence is not a problem. As they mature Leos naturally expect to be included in important circles and play a large part in making decisions. If power goes to their heads, they may try to take control and interfering in the lives of others. They honestly feel they know what is best for those around them and often they do, but that is not the point. Concerned with their reputations, Leos try to live up to the trust of their positions, but if they feel secure, they could get a bit lazy. It is difficult for a Leo to be an apprentice, but as long as they see promotions as part of the plan, they submit willingly to training and guidance.

Leo Professions

Actor, Card Player, Cardiologist, Circus Performer, Civic Leader, Coach, Corporate Executive, Entertainer, Film Star, Gambler, Motivational Speaker, Musician, Politician, Publicist, Reality TV Star, Salesperson, Socialite, Sports Figure, Stock Broker, Talent Manager, Theater Owner, Video Game Developer,Wild Animal Trainer.

Leo Health

Leo rules the heart, blood circulation within the heart, the dorsal vertebrae, the gall bladder, the back, spine and wrists. Leo conditions include: acute fevers, convulsions, aneurysm, angina, spinal complaints, arteriosclerosis, inflammations, burning fevers, meningitis, tachycardia, vertigo and backaches.