It’s clean up time!

We have been working for the past several months on repairing and reorganizing We plan to resume our regular weekly schedule soon, when this huge job is done. We are sorry if you may have landed upon a page which is not working exactly as intended. This discomfort should be occurring less as we eliminate the technical problems causing the problems. While we are tidying things up we are also adding related lots of links at the end of many our features, taking you to similar pages which explore related content and issues. Ciao for now! B.B.

The Year in Question

All over the web predictions are being made about this specific year. It is supposedly a time when matters will become clear as to the survival of humanity, its social institutions and home planet. It is being portrayed as a wave that has 2025 as it’s crest. So far we are seeing a lot of tough weather conditions and poor behavior from various segments of our population. Many us are cracking up under the pressures that we are facing individually. Let’s work together and move ourselves into a more beneficial place. With all this in mind has assembled a compelling set of links entitled Countdown 2025 which will be updated regularly.


Every day receives stats from Google Analytics. This recent map shows that our viewers come from all over the world and we just couldn’t be happier. It is our belief that every human being on this planet should know something about their individual Dayology Signature. Using our Dayology Signature Calculator, it’s quick and free and fun. Try it, you’ll like it!

Support Ukraine Now!

The deadly attack on Ukraine continues and calls for strong responses. If someone set a house on fire in our neighborhood, we would all pitch in to put out the flames. NPR suggests nine ways that we can assist Ukraine. Please support this war-weary nation in winning back its peace.

Ukraine’s First Lady
World Central Kitchen
Putin the Terrible