“… we aren’t in Kansas anymore!”


Do you believe in reincarnation? For more reasons than I can discuss here, I admit that I do. Life appears to proceed in cycles – cosmic, natural, human, social, even technologically.

Dayology.com is in its third lifetime. It started simply as a BLOG. At the time it looked like a drop-down roll of toilet paper, but it was a start. Then it was formatted to resemble an tasteful astrology ZINE presenting my thoughtful weekly posts.

At the moment our new FORMAT defies categorization. It reflects all the directions that Dayology has taken in the last four years rolled up together. And we have big plans for the future — Twitter Messages, Free Mini Readings and more.

Sincerely, Barbara

PROCEED WITH CAUTION – Due a recent system crash most of our internal links were broken. Within a month or so we hope that this matter is cleared up. I am pretty sure that your computer cannot catch this particular problem from my computer.