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The aim of this blog is understand how THE SEVEN DAY WEEK works. Current events are examined for their references to the days of the week and tested against traditional astrological principles. Effort is also given to discovering the instances in art, science, literature, and popular culture where the fascinating number seven is being used in a symbolic manner. It happens! is the week by week outcome of five year’s investigation into how the seven day week came about and how it is reflecting today’s values. Updates are being made as new information comes to light and alters our point of view. Lots of new pages are being added to help with navigation and putting good use of the discoveries that have been made.

As one of our latest features, Deja Vu, was being published, another Sunday individual and victim of police violence came to mind. Think back to the back to 2020 killing of George Floyd, who may or may not have been guilty for passing a counterfeit bill. Whatever the crime, it certainly did not deserve execution by neck compression on the open street. The fact that Floyd, McClain and Martin were all born on Sunday is somewhat spooky, until you give it some thought.

Of all the U.S. police street killings in the last decade these three crimes were the easiest for the media to present and the public to react against. To tell the truth, I don’t know if somehow Sunday individuals find it easier to make their mark in the world (even after death) than the people of the other six days of the week. It certainly seems so! Or that the personal vibes of Sunday people drive racist cops crazy. Maybe it’s how they stand up for themselves.

Life is messy, but you can be assured of one thing. Every week we will present you with something NEW to think about. And invite your friends and colleagues to follow us too.

Sincerely, Barbara Bianco

IT’S A FACT – Fewer births on Weekends

Why are fewer Saturday and Sunday children being born? We asked that question back in March of 2017. And things haven’t changed much since then. The practice of scheduling births for the convenience of hospitals and medical personal continues to override the spontaneity of natural human births. What difference does this make to the overall mix of our population? Perhaps more than we might realize. Maybe it’s creating the chaotic social situation that we are experiencing down here! These intriguing issues are discussed in the Dayology feature: Fewer Births on Weekends