As a Typology System

Chances are that you haven’t heard that much about Dayology, so you might be wondering what it is and how it could be of use to you. Put very simply, Dayology is a typology system. Typically these sets of beliefs categorize people into general types using various characteristics like body builds, work skill sets, personality temperaments or psychological outlooks.

Typologies are used every day in business, politics, medicine, and psychology. They assist us by placing individuals in recognizable categories that can hopefully optimize their abilities. Typologies can also be used to target individuals or groups. You may be surprised to know that the ancient oracles such as astrology and numerology were typology systems. It seems that as a species, humans really enjoy categorization.

Barbara Bianco originated Dayology as she began investigating the origins of the seven day week. She discovered that in the earliest times Earth’s  two luminaries, Sun and Moon, plus the five  classical planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, were believed to act as celestial guardians watching over all those who happened to be born under their particular “star.”

As Bianco began using these Day Ray rulers in her astrological practice, she discovered that they described an elevated aspect of each  individual. Because this immaterial aspect performed similarly as what is called the spirit or soul, she named it the INNER. She found herself viewing the Sun Sign as the center of the astrological chart and the nucleus of the OUTER personality influencing an individual’s physical nature and external circumstances.

Dayology has the potential to become extremely popular among the typologies of our time. It is simple and easy to understand, yet comprehensive in scope. All of humanity is organized into eighty-four physio-spiritual types, based upon the interaction between the twelve OUTER Sun Signs Types of traditional astrology and the seven INNER Day Ray Types as modeled on the esoteric mysteries of antiquity.

The Dayology typology system now offers an ingenious set of insights regarding all human nature. The eighty-four Dayology signatures reveal the lively interactions of the two fundamental selves, INNER and OUTER, of each person. Interestingly this set of eighty-four Dayology types prompt us to behave and misbehave in very predictable ways.

Dayology Background