The Day of the Week Rulers

Astrologically each day of the week is ruled by a different heavenly body. This means that each week we are sequentially bathed in seven celestial energies. Certain activities are more successfully performed on each day.

Sunday is ruled by the Sun, our nearest star. Astrologically the Sun governs light, power, will and vitality. Through the Sun we develop the strength of character to face the forces of our Inner Self. On Sunday we can exercise our capacity for fulfilling our commitments and honoring the Spirit in all.

Monday is ruled by the Moon, the silvery  orb of the night. Astrologically the Moon governs reflection, sensitivity, nurturance and growth. Through this influence we adjust our personal activity to the cyclical timings of Spirit in our lives. On Mondays we approach life in a responsive and imaginative manner, respecting all the diverse lifeforms on this planet.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars, our neighboring red planet. This member of our solar system governs movement, heat, passion and drive. Through Mars we are trained to act with force, courage and conviction of a spiritual warrior. On Tuesday we activate our personal wills to perform  our duties quickly and effectively.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the fastest moving planet in the solar system. Astrologically Mercury rules youth, speed, thought and interchanges. Through Mercury we are educated in the complexities of life and encouraged to develop our skills. On Wednesday we communicate our truths and seek illumination.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet. Astrologically Jupiter governs expansion, philosophy, protocol and prophecy. Through Jupiter we sense the potential good in all and the promotion of justice in our world. On Thursday we express our gratitude for personal blessings and we look out for others.

Friday is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Astrologically Venus rules union, beauty and harmony. Through sweet Venus we open ourselves to human sensuality and the aesthetic graces. On Friday we honor the spiritual bond within our relationships and receive the dazzling inspiration of our Inner selves.

Saturday is ruled by Saturn, the ringed planet. Astrologically Saturn rules restriction, preservation, law and aging. Through Saturn we are taught to assume personal responsibility and uphold social obligations.  On Saturdays our limitations are confronted and our reliance upon Spirit is tested to the limit.

Dayology Background