The Sun Sign Types

There are twelve Sun Sign Types, also known as the zodiac signs. In the Dayology system, the Sun Signs represents our OUTER SELVES, while the Day of the Week upon which we are born indicates the nature of our INNER SELVES.

ARIES – April 20-May 20 Ariens are headstrong and go after whatever they want. Their fiery enthusiasm for life is naturally injected in everything they do. Aries like to strike while the iron is hot because later what they are doing may not interest them. Ariens work hard and fast. Truly they can accomplish in an hour what others might take a day. Ready for battle at a moment’s notice, Ariens relish competition. Confrontations are welcome as a way of testing their courage. Ariens can operate within a chain of command, but they would rather make the big decisions. Living on minute to minute basic is their style. Overall Ariens tend to be healthy as they stay physically active throughout life, although accidents can happen. Their major complaints are fevers. They can also experience fatigue, eyestrain, headaches, and other stress complaints until they learn to relax.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20 Stability is the characteristic by which Taureans can be recognized. Their existences are interwoven with the earth element. Time spent in nature is found to be restorative. Taureans are blessed with strong constitutions, which can be undermined by sedate lifestyles and excesses in diet. Life is experienced physically, primarily  through their bodies and its sensations. Things are judged as good, if it feels pleasant, and bad, if it seems unpleasant. Taureans tend to resist what they don’t know to be true, which makes for some social narrowness. They focus on establishing what they consider as the good life. The goal is a steady income, a furnished home and a solid family name, and these items are accumulated in this  order. Taureans believe that the necessities of life must be procured before they can enjoy the niceties. Some have amassed fortunes.

GEMINI May 21 to June 20 Geminis are known for their highly developed mental abilities which reflect the two sides of the brain, rational and intuitive.  There is hardly an area of study that would not interest a Gemini. They want to handle everything but their minds cannot operate in that manner. So they do their best, focusing for a time on this and then on that. Geminis are versatile but they can also be restless. Depending on the way their minds are developed, the sign of Gemini produces both the brilliant and the superficial. The genius integrates knowledge into new concepts, while the jack-of-all-trades jumps around unable to see the underlying unity. Still all Geminis are bright, charming and witty. They are naturally friendly and the least prejudiced of all the zodiac signs. Geminis often create the situation of having to make choices which is difficult for them to do.

CANCER – June 21 to July 22 Like sea creatures, Cancers, live in an ocean of feelings. Their first concern is maintaining their comfort and only then can they relax and enjoy life. Cancers often find themselves in roles of protecting and nurturing others. At their best they are incredibly warm, tender and responsive, but unappreciated, they become irritable and withdrawn. Cancers always support their family or homeland. They can be provincial or narrow in their beliefs and their political leanings lean toward the conservative. They act suspiciously to strangers and for new relationships slowly. Most of their decisions are based upon personal impressions. rather than reasoning. Being  extremely sensitive, Cancers unconsciously ride the moods around them. They enjoy visiting rivers, lakes and oceans, especially if they cannot live near these large bodies of water.

LEO – June 21 to July 22 Leos are natural leaders and love to be in the spotlight. They crave appreciation and they love applause. Most often it is their innate goodness and generosity that attracts attention to themselves. Still there isn’t a Leo alive who doesn’t love mirrors and wouldn’t ham it up in front of a camera. Self-confidence is not a problem. As they mature Leos naturally expect to be included in important circles and play a large part in making decisions. If power goes to their heads, they may try to take control and interfering in the lives of others. They honestly feel they know what is best for those around them and often they do, but that is not the point. Concerned with their reputations, Leos try to live up to the trust of their positions, but if they feel secure, they could get a bit lazy. It is difficult for a Leo to be an apprentice, but as long as they see promotions as part of the plan, they submit willingly to training and guidance.’

VIRGO August 23 to September 22 Physical perfection is the ideal to which all Virgos aspire. They display an inborn love of order in all that they do. This concern for details is their way of helping to make the world a better place. Everywhere Virgos look they see things that need to be reorganized, fixed up or made to work more efficiently. They proceed to do exactly what is needed to correct the situation. Their methods are precise and usually produce the desired result; if not, things must be reevaluated and fine tuned. They prefer not to partake in office gossip or politics. Virgos dress appropriately for work by selecting quality clothes. Some are very fashionable, but always in a restrained manner. Interestingly many Virgos are vegetarians  and the rest are usually health conscious to some degree. Overwork and worry are their worst enemies.

LIBRA – September 23 to October 22 Libras seek balance in everything they do. Having good manners, they try to get along with most everyone and they try to be all things to all people.  Too often they say yes and wish they hadn’t. Some Libras create the claim that they are impartial, but actually they are aware of the power imbalances around them. They are not beyond using this information  for their own purposes when the occasion arises. They consider political intrigues fun, when it doesn’t involve themselves, and find it useful to pass along. Not only do Libras have a certain grace in deportment, they are very attractive to the opposite sex. Libras like to make a good appearance and they give their wardrobes a lot of attention. Likewise their physical surroundings reflect their graciousness. Libras want their homes to be lovely and inviting, if not lavishly appointed. When they travel they like to do so comfortably.

SCORPIO – October 23 to November 21 Scorpios are known for their passions and sensual appetites. Because they will try anything once, the label of sinner is often applied to them, still some Scorpios are so self-disciplined they could qualify for sainthood. From their intensity you can’t tell the difference between the two types from their intensity. Scorpio operates from the edges of experience with no middle ground. It is the Scorpio who unexpected falls from high positions, or comes up shining after devastating circumstances. Like the legendary Phoenix, Scorpios exhibit a relentless hold on situations even through what appears to be defeat. And watch out, they are revengeful and hold grudges. Scorpios make the worst enemies but they are absolutely the best advocates you could ever find.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 to December 21 Like the arrow that flies swiftly to its goal, Sagittarians are at their best when they are trying to get somewhere or accomplish something. Oddly when they have hit the target, they are off on another quest. It is the dream of most Sagittarians to visit distant lands. They enjoy mingling with diverse people, learning about their habits, lifestyles and beliefs. Even when they can’t get away, they will will enjoy reading travel guides. Sagittarians are the optimists of the zodiac, although in their enthusiasm they may exaggerate some. Actually they are surprisingly lucky when they believe in their own abilities and act appropriately. Disappointment can’t keep them down. Sagittarians are like inner-tubes in water; they bounce back from almost any setback. Whatever happens, they can make it a good story.

CAPRICORN – December 22 to January 19 Capricorns are determined climbers who proceed along one of two diverse paths. Some Capricorns climb for OUTER material success and others take the INNER path of self-perfection. Each route requires steady steps learning from all the upsets that may befall them. Capricorns are willing to undergo immense ordeals if a significant reward is promised at the end. They are like the rabbit that keeps on going in the battery commercials. Lots of Capricorns experience a frail or sickly childhood, but they hardy up with age. Likewise Capricorns can be quite shy while young and achieve notoriety by their retirement. It has been said that Capricorn are mature as children and young when elderly. Some Capricorn have been known to surprise all by kicking up their heels even before the end. Actually when they feel they can afford it,

AQUARIUS – January 20 to February 18 Aquarians need to pour forth something of themselves because they are humanitarians at heart. They like to feel that they are helping make the world a better place. Aquarians tend to be original in their thinking and they enjoy advancing causes. They see the world as it could be and they have difficulty accepting it as it is. If the ideas of an Aquarian are rejected, they can easily move into a revolutionary stance complete with protests and boycotts.  Consequently many people view Aquarians as cranks, oddballs and malcontents. Likewise Aquarians view their critics as slowpokes, bunglers, and hypocrites. While some Aquarians prefer to operate as lone wolves, many feel comfortable in groups organized around a common concern or cause.

PISCES – February 19 to March 20 Pisceans are known for their sensitive natures. For the most part they are introverts and dreamers of the zodiac. A gentler, more charming bunch of souls you’ll never find. Although Pisceans are apt to underplay their personal importance, they have the capacity to enrich the lives of those around them. Pisceans can spot overlooked treasures in flea markets or adopt stray animals. They have the ability to see the best in things even in the worst of situations. They also tend not to see their own inherent flaws and areas of self-deception. And at times Pisceans would prefer to escape from the harsh realities of life and reside in a softer, happier world. While alcohol and drugs might appear to offer temporary respites, the gruesome realities of substance abuse must be considered. It is very important that Pisceans look after the practical side of life.

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