DAYOLOGY – It’s a Fact!

This page indexes academic or scientific research into the SEVEN DAYS OF THE WEEK.  These posts report on the intentions and findings of recent studies within our Dayology framework.

Occasionally a study publishes about something that something that only occurs on a specific day of the week. People become curious because this new information confirms or challenges the way they view life. Then the news spreads from that journal through the media and on to the average person. Soon this new FACT  is considered TRUE unless it is found to be untrue.

A FACT is defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as a piece of information presented as having objective reality as in “These are the hard facts of the case.” The matter of determining the accuracy of a fact becomes more difficult with the advent of “alternative facts” and “fake news.” It becomes our responsibility to locate reliable sources that we can trust.

I’ve given the matter of FACTS some thought. It’s my feeling that there are always a number of FACTORS involved in producing the bits of information that we accept as FACTS. These FACTORS generally take the form of beliefs and bias. We need to make an effort to be open-minded and not allow our personal outlooks to modify the FACTS we are passing on.

It is possible that the energies of the Universe play a greater part in our REALITY than we are ready to recognize. If this is TRUE then there may be FACTS around us that we are not seeing. For example every week publishes FACTS based upon news reports and interviews regarding how our INNER realms and OUTER worlds work in daily life. They may not be your observations, but they are true.

We also need to keep in mind that FACTS inform us as to what is happening in our individual REALITY. When as indiviuals we shift our personal attitudes and habits, our personal FACTS change, making some situations impossible and others possible. When, as groups, we shift our collective outlooks and actions then our shared REALITY actually changes in some manner for everyone.

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