SITEMAP – Background

Dayology is a typology system that informs people as to their life purpose. It states that each of us has an OUTER SELF and INNER SELF based upon our Sun Signs and Day Rays. The following pages will fill you in on what makes this typology system so unique.

Background Content

11/15/2019 – The Inner and Outer / One divided by two.
11/13/2018 – Speaking of Dayology / Terminology.
11/22/2016 – The 84 Signatures / Seven times Twelve.
11/1/2016 – The Dayology Timeline / Gradually unfolding.
10/22/2016 –The Dayology Week / A sevenfold division.
10/25/2016 –The Sun Sign Types / Aries through Pisces.
10/25/2016 –The Day Ray Types / Monday through Sunday.
10/21/2016 – Day of the Week Rulers / Sun, Moon, Planets.
10/21/2016 – Dayology as a Typology System / Whole.


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