The 84 Signatures

According to Dayology there are 84 types of people in the world. One of these classifications describes you and your particular purpose in life. If you are interested in learning more about your own Dayology Signature, please use our FREE Dayology Calculator.

You’ll learn that you are one of the Sun Signs – Aries through Pisces. These descriptions seem okay, but not entirely so. Your instincts are correct. There is something missing in these Sun Sign delineations. You need the Day Ray, Yes, you are an Aries, but you were also born on a day of the week – Sunday though Saturday. And the Day Ray describes that missing element.

Day Rays and Sun Signs

Every Dayology signature is composed of a Day Ray and a Sun Sign.

So it’s now Sun Signs AND Day Rays. Just as our Sun Signs provide a description of how we think, feel and act in the OUTER WORLD, the Day Rays help us to realize our INNER motivations. Together the Sun Sign and the Day Ray reveal the HOW and WHY of our natures. The trick is using these two energies together in a constructive manner or taking your chances.

The 84 Dayology Signatures

Our Sun Sign and Day Ray are both determined by our birth date. The zodiac sign of our day of birth sets the Sun Sign and the day of the week reveals the Day Ray. It’s just that simple!  Dayology combines the twelve Sun Signs and the seven Day Rays into a modern typology system. No one escapes from being born into one of these 84 unique Dayology signatures.

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There are those who claim the Day Rays have existed since Creation. They view them as the seven forces from which the universe was formed. Others assert that the Day Rays are the indwelling spirits of seven planets within our solar system. These great beings look after us throughout our evolution, almost as if we were their children. Both beliefs may be true.

Over time Exoteric Astrology has held various positions regarding these seven divine energies, sometimes openly but often not. Dayology is exploring the nature of these seven day of the week rulers. It considers the  Day Rays as important as the Sun Signs in the actions and interactions of individuals. Each week provides a special feature on these matters.

Dayology Background