JonBenét Ramsey Today

This Sunday  was the 20th anniversary of the death of JoBenét Ramsey. She is the child who was killed on Christmas morning in her family home. Her 1996 murder remains unsolved, although recently the physical evidence was retested using the newest DNA procedures. The results prove without a doubt that no one in her family was involved with the crime, but the actual identity of the perpetrator has yet to be determined.

For this sad occasion CNN has prepared a Special Report, reacquainting us with the small town political intrigues and bizarre suppositions of this case. Even so we have still no idea as to the identity of JonBenét‘s killer. It is generally thought that she was suffocated by an intruder and the crime was prompted by her public activity as a child model and beauty queen. Even so it is only natural for us to wonder what this lovely child would have been like as an adult.

Today JonBenét would be 26 years old. If she were alive, she most likely would have finished college and would be establishing a career. She may have met the love of her life and have started a family of her own. Had she continued performing in beauty pageants, she might have participated in a number of national or international competitions. This is a real possibility because she was being groomed by her mother for the Miss America contest.

Various Age progressions made of JonBenét Ramsey
as she would have looked in her late teens and early twenties.

Various age progressions of JonBenét are being offered to represent what this little girl might have looked like as she grew older. They are being created by computer programs that shape images in the same way that children’s faces change with age. As has been stated elsewhere on this blog, a strong physical resemblance between people of the same signature is not to be expected, but it this time JonBenét and Joan Allen actually do look very much alike.

Several documentaries have been made about JonBenét’s life. These productions show that she had two sides, possibly her INNER and OUTER selves. She is portrayed as being close with her family members, often playing outdoors barefoot. She is said to have excelled at ice-skating and was a happy kindergarten student. And then she let herself be dolled up and coached for child beauty pageants. This activity appears to be an innocent activity that she shared with her beauty-queen mother much as many athletic fathers coach their boys in the sports they love.

JonBenét Ramsey

Joan Allen

As a Leo Sun Sign JoBenét was OUTWARDLY talented and enjoyed attention. Her Monday Day Ray provided a strong tendency toward impressionability and a desire to please.  It is likely that JonBenét was actually more savvy than people gave her credit. With her Moon, the  INNER RULER placed in Aquarius, she may have been quick to catch on to what people expected of her. And, of course, anyone with some LEO in their signature can easily become a performer. The opposite zodiac signs (Leo and Aquarius) provide learning experiences through contrasts.

Within the Dayology Data Base there are currently 220 females with the same #17 MON LEO signature. It figures that many are entertainers, models and fashionistas. From this group we discovered that the exceptionally talented Joan Allen has not only the same Dayology signature but her INNER and OUTER rulers are in the same zodiac signs as JonBenét. Consequently there there is a strong likelihood that JonBenét might have achieved the same success.

UPDATE – Time goes by and no perpetrator is held accountable for JonBenet’s death. Some investigators are taking another look at the family and others say it had to be an obsessed stranger. Join us as we investigate The Ramsey Family dynamics.

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