It’s Brotherly Love

This week President Obama presented outgoing vice president Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom with High Distinction. Biden is the fourth recipient of this honored award following Pope John Paul II, President Ronald Reagan and General Colin Powell.

It was announced that “With his charm, candor, unabashed optimism and deep and abiding patriotism, Joe Biden has garnered the respect and esteem of colleagues of both parties, and the friendship of people across the nation and around the world.” Biden has provided us with nearly 50 years of public service. Clearly he has become one of our national treasures, a person representing the United States with humor, grace and good will.”

The award was a total surprise for Biden, who displayed deep emotion as the prestigious medal was placed around his neck. Together they have worked as an executive team for eight years. Their closeness is no secret and has been explored in dozens of Internet posts. I refrain from commenting on the expressions like BROTUS and BROMANCE being used to describe their friendship, just because have difficulty accepting BROTHERLY LOVE  when they see it.

Biden and Obama have described their relationship as brothers. They claim that their immediate families have merged to share many cherished events.   In a recent interview with Andrea Mitchell, Biden related that in a relaxed moment President Obama said that he had never expected them to become such close friends. Biden agreed that he felt exactly the same way. I had originally felt the same way. No one expects people of different races to relate so closely, but nothing is stops it from happening but ourselves.

The Dayology Analysis

Joe Biden

Barack Obama

Any Dayologist could see that these two individuals have an INNER connection. Each was both born on Friday and has Venus as his Day Ray. Beneath their serious  political profiles they have soft hearts particularly for one-another and their families.

The OUTER connection between Obama and Biden is a bit dicey. Their Sun Signs,  Scorpio and Leo are in square aspect indicating that they have different ways of facing life. Scorpio is a fighter and a strategist. Leo is an organizer and leader.

Scorpio and Leo are fixed signs, meaning that as these two executives consider each other’s point of view, they are able to work together. If either had not been willing to compromise somewhat, they might have faced a monumental stand-off.