The Obamas Today

In with the new and out with the old. Today is the day that the Obamas move out of the White House so that the Trumps can take possession. Five hours are slotted to the removal of personal possessions of the Obama family. That’s actually the easy part of the move. One of the most difficult part of this tradition is making farewells to the White House Household Staff. These butlers, maids, doormen, chefs, florists, carpenters, plumbers, see to the daily needs of the first family. As would be expected, many close personal relationships have been formed.

Barack Obama’s tenure was eight years. A lot of things have happened to this family during that time. They entertained world officials, made political appearances and overseen special events like tree-lightings and egg rolls. They hosted the “blackest parties” ever in the White House.  The daughters were just kids when their father was elected president. Now they are young women. Michelle’s mother, Marian Robinson has been with them every day. Michelle’s personal projects have included renovating the White House interior and planting an organic vegetable garden.

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Each First Family sets the tone for that President’s administration. The Obama family behavior was cordial, private and without a hint of scandal.  They placed an strong emphasis on their daily  family meal. It may be the secret to their emotional stability. In a Today show interview the First Lady shared “… Barack and I have tried to hold fast to the family dinner, almost every evening,” She added “I just constantly think of how proud I am of him that he’s able to carry the weight of the world but still, you know, find time to be my husband, and the father of my kids.”






The Obamas are an integral family in terms of Dayology energies. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were both born on Friday making Venus their Day Ray. They are caring  partners, however their Sun Signs reveal their different expressions. Barack’s Leo Sun Sign makes him a generous, confident figure, while Michelle’s Capricorn provides a serious, dedicated tone to her character.

The Obama daughters are their own persons while reflecting certain of their parent’s best characteristics. The older sister Malia Obama is a kind and impressionable Cancer Sun Sign but she was born on a Saturday ruled by Saturn. Her sensitive nature displays some of her mother’s composed qualities because Saturn also rules Michelle Obama’s Capricorn Sun Sign.

The younger daughter, Sasha Obama is an alert, communicative Gemini Sun Sign. She was born on a Sunday which is ruled by the Sun. She shares an enjoyment of life like her father whose Leo Sun Sign is also ruled by the Sun. So it can be stated with great assurance that both daughters are spiritually sustained by their parents because their related OUTER SELF Sun Signs,

That leaves Marian Robinson’s energies to consider. She was born on a Friday in the zodiac sign of Leo. She is literally an endless well-spring of good will. She has the same #65 Dayology Signature as Barack, her son in law. People with the same Dayology signatures usually see eye to eye. Similar planetary energies in groups of any kind generally add great stability.

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