The Day of Rallies

Initially this event was advertised as a Women’s March on Washington however hundreds of organizations had joined the effort representing the concerns of our diverse nation. It is reported that 633 marches were held throughout the USA and hundreds more around the world. Watching the crowds gather, it appeared to me that I was viewing the conscience of the world welling up in support of our human rights and against the cold policies of the new Trump administration.

This Saturday’s event was so promising that the singer, Madonna decided to show up at the Washington, DC gathering. She was welcomed, of course, upon the stage to offer remarks. It was clear, that while The Material Girl is accustomed to audiences, her message missed the mark with this crowd. In fact it was judged by the press to be way too explosive for the occasion. 

“Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” Madonna said. “But I know that this won’t change anything.” Later she Instagrammed “I am not a violent person, I do not promote violence and it’s important people hear and understand my speech in its entirety rather than one phrase taken wildly out of context.”

Actually Madonna may be an exceptional marketer of her own skills, but she doesn’t understand that political activism speaks to what people have in common and works to bring them together. It isn’t about being upset or enraged. Its about discussing what we can do to solve our problems. Drawing negative attention to oneself and the causes we represent is never a good thing.

Dayology Analysis


Madonna Ciccone

Madonna was born on a Saturday in the zodiac sign of Leo. This makes Saturn the ruler of her INNER SELF and her OUTER SELF ruled by the Sun. As planetary energies Saturn and the Sun are difficult set to work together. Her Saturn makes her very tough on herself and the people around her. She has high expectations and is demanding of others. At the same time she is a Leo and wants to be absolutely loved and admired. She is quoted as saying “Being loved keeps you young.” Another outlook might that “Loving others keeps you eternally young.”

There are hundreds of Madonna Photos on Google Image and frankly all of them are a bit hard. She is being portrayed lately in a rather dark manner. And since no one “styles” Madonna, we can assume that much of this somber effect comes from her own choice of projects. Looking back to her first attempts to be an entertainer Madonna fought to get attention in any way she could and discovered that she had gifts of every sort to use in the manner that she felt inclined.

Madonna was born third of sixth into in an Italian family in Bay City,Michigan. Her mother died of breast cancer when she was only five. In 1991, Madonna told the Los Angeles Times“I know that some of my lack of inhibition comes from my mother’s death. For example, mothers teach you manners. And I absolutely did not learn any of those rules and regulations.” The Rolling Stone quotes her “If she were alive, I would be someone else. I would be a completely different person.

While Madonna’s success is legendary, she worked hard and suffered greatly to get where she is today. In 2014 interview Madonna shared some of her deepest secrets.  “I became very obsessed with death, and the idea that you never know when death will arrive, so one has to do as much as possible all the time to get the most out of life.” In addition she admits to being a control freak “It’s like everything that I do. My shows, my films, my house, the way I raise my children.” 

UPDATE – This superstar has enough on her plate. Madonna may have discovered that she’s too dramatic to a committed activist. It is reported that she has purchased a home in Spain.