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Rachel Maddow is one of few evening newscasters who really comes through for us. It’s true that she displays a noticeable lack of concern regarding her appearance, wearing the same hair-cut and wonky office jacket on most broadcasts, but that’s alright. Maddow’s broad popularity comes from our deep appreciation for her authenticity, brilliance, and sometimes zany cable television persona. She is truly eccentric yet absolutely authentic.

The Rachel Maddow Show hit the airwaves in 2008, immediately boosting ratings in its time slot. Maddow was encouraged to make a place for herself in journalism by the controversial Keith Olbermann. She has previously served as one of his guest hosts. Now her evening show is considered the centerpiece of the MSNBC prime time lineup.  It features a wide array of informed commentators and public figures ready to be questioned. Mostly the audience is there for her backstories that no-one has taken the trouble to dig up.

Rachel Maddow was born in Castro Valley, California. She was raised Roman Catholic in a conservative neighborhood. She excelled in high school athletics, but expressed having feelings of alienation. Maddow earned a degree in public policy at Stanford University and continued at the University of Oxford to receive her Doctor of Philosophy. She was the first openly gay recipient of the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. * Oh, and if you are unfamiliar with the term Policy Wonk, according to the Urban Dictionary, it is a person with all the information about a particular subject or area of policy. Yes, Maddow is that and very much more.

Rachel Maddow

What does Rachel Maddow’s Dayology signature tell us about her life-purpose? First she was born on Sunday. Women born on this day of the week enjoy attention and expect to be rewarded. They generally have a good manners and sense of composure.  With Aries as her Sun Sign she is courageous, even daring as the occasion arises. Traditionally the Sun in Aries is exalted. Mars, the ruler of her OUTER Self, is situated in the hi-tech but humane sign of Aquarius, so there are no limits as to what this innovative journalist can accomplish.

If ever you are confused by the remarks of authorities,
take the expert advice of Rachel Maddow.

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