Serena and Venus

Serena Williams has just won her seventh Australian Open, but to the keep the title, she had to defeat her older sister, Venus. How do these two women maintain their blood ties while competing in professional sports?

First of all, it must be stated that both individuals are superb athletes. Our intention is not to determine who is the best player or better sister. We are examining their separate natures and Dayology signatures to understand how this sisterly relationship operates. The lives of these two women have been intimately intertwined from childhood to the present moment.

Both women have stated that their professional rivalry has been long and uncomfortable. As home schooled children they began their tennis careers very early on. Their parents were criticized for pushing them too hard or too fast. Venus is quoted as saying “My parents told me I’d be No. 1 in the world. I was brainwashed.” Serena’s reply is “Everyone does different things. I think for Venus and I, we just attempted a different road, and it worked for us.

The Wikipedia entry on the Williams Sisters Rivalry expresses notion of that two top professionals could emerge from the same family and then compete against one another as unlikely. The question is if one top tennis player can be produced by dedicated training and family motivation, then can two extraordinary athletes be created at the same time? The answer appears to be yes, as long as the interaction between two individuals is kept positive, simultaneous training can be of mutual benefit to both.

Venus and Serena is a documentary was made in 2013 about the lives of these two professional athletes. “It’s an obvious topic because they are two incredible women who changed a sport.  They broke just about every barrier as African-American sisters when they became number one and number two in the world in tennis,” asserted the filmmakers, “It’s the great American story rich with sisterhood, family, race, hard work and tenaciousness.”  The Williams sisters signed off from this project before it was finished but it remains a good record of what the two women typically have been through as professional athletes.

Although this rivalry continues and the sisters are fierce in competition, we are told that they remain personally very close. I guess, while it may feel rotten to lose, maybe it’s not so bad to lose to your sister.  The following remark was made in 2015 by Serena as the two were about to compete. “I just feel like no matter what happens, we’ve won. She’s been through a lot, I’ve been through a lot. A Williams is gonna win the tournament.

The Dayology Analysis

Venus Williams

Serena Williams

Serena William’s signature is #79 SAT LIB. She was born on a Saturday, making her very tough in competitions. People born on this day of the week are deadly serious and possess great endurance. The ruler of her INNER SELF in Libra reinforces these personal qualities. Her Libra Sun Sign provides her with an instinct regarding the dynamics between herself and others. The ruler of the OUTER Self is found in Scopio showing that she often responds emotionally and even heroically to  challenges.

Venus William’s signature is #27 TUE GEM. She was born on Tuesday, producing an assertive attitude toward life. She notices and responds quickly toward challenges.  The ruler of her INNER Self is placed in Virgo making her careful in her physical movements and always trying to be more precise. Her Gemini Sun Sign heightens her perception and tightens her response time. She is potentially good with words. Her OUTER Self ruler in Cancer shows that her emotions toward her family are very strong.

Serena and Venus are not much alike, but in competing professionally with one another, they have provided each other with excellent experiences. The INNER energies of Saturn and Mars pit them against each other, forcing them to draw upon their spiritual resources. Their Sun Signs in the air element (Libra and Gemini) provide them with an OUTER perspective regarding birth connections and the nature of worldly competition.