The New Royal Family

It was announced last January that Prince William and Princess Kate are relocating to London this Fall. The Cambridges, as they are being called, have lived a private life in their Norfork country home. They will now dwell as royals in Kensington Palace.

Despite the constant gossip circulates around this royal couple, It can be stated that their relationship is very strong, and they would be foolish to let anything come between them. In fact of the hundreds of families we have examined, this is one of the most intense yet isolated relationships ever. By that I mean Will and Kate share only a few energies within their Dayology signatures which allows, well actually forces them to depend upon each other.

Prince William

Kate Middleton

Prince William was born on a Monday within the Sun sign of Cancer. Both Monday and Cancer are ruled by the reflective and adaptive Moon.  He is sensitive and caring like his mother, Lady Diana, who OUTWARDLY set a perfect example for him. She saw to it that William and his brother, Harry, were exposed to the world and shown the importance of  compassion.

Kate Middleton was born on a Saturday in the sign of Capricorn.  Both Saturday and Capricorn are ruled by Saturn.  She is serious and responsible, qualities that Will appreciates in a wife and reminds him of his mother. Diana was also INWARDLY ruled by Saturn. As a pledge of his love Will presented to Kate the diamond and sapphire engagement ring that was worn by Diana.

The Sun Signs of Will and Kate, are Cancer and Capricorn. The two of them are astrologically complements and balance each very well. William is nurturing, on the personal and collective levels. Kate is practical, both in her domestic life and social duties. The two are very much attracted to one another, but they may not comprehend each other’s basic nature.

Prince George

Princess Charlotte

Prince George has the identical MON CAN signature as Prince William. He will instinctually model his attitudes and habits after his father, because they share the same royal destiny. The two of them have the emotional capacity to be extremely close. This father and son will treasure their time spent together, sharing their enjoyable activities in their favorite places.

Princess Charlotte will enjoy comfort of her royal position but she is not as socially ambitious  as her mother. Never-the-less she will be firm in her own views, maybe even stubborn as to her personal preferences, which might somewhat more traditional than actually what is necessary. All in all she is perhaps the most stable and dependable of the three children. .

And last there is a strong physical resemblance between several members of the family possibly due to the Day Ray influence. George and his father both have fair skin and light brown hair.  Young Charlotte has dark hair and eyes like her mother. It certainly appears as if these genetics has followed certain Dayology energies, which begs more observation in future examples.

Prince Louis

UPDATE:  A third child was added to this royal family in 2018. Prince Louis, like his brother and father, was born on Monday, which means that he fits very comfortably. His Sun Sign is Taurus, which is the same as his sister and could give them shared or conventional interests. The Moon and Venus are his planetary rulers making his personal nature loving, loyal and down to earth.

Family Dynamics