The People’s Climate March

Today hundreds of thousands of climate change demonstrators march in the U.S.A. and all over the world. They are protesting the lack of comprehensive environmental policies.

The U.S. government has rolled back former president Barack Obama’s signature climate initiative, the Clean Power Plan. Trump and his team have taken actions intended to weaken environmental protections of air and water, and to enable fossil fuel exploitation on public lands and waters. This backward direction dismays anyone who is concerned about the environmental dangers developing on our planet.  The slogan of today’s event was “We resist, we build, we rise.”

On the 100th day of the Trump presidency, the Peoples Climate March will show that our movement s are ready to fight for our climate, jobs and justice,” states the event organizer, May Boeve, . “While Trump and his crony cabinet rollback hard-won protections of our communities and our climate, we are mobilizing to fight for the bold solutions we need. We will present our vision to replace the fossil fuel industry with a 100% clean energy economy that works for all. Today, we march. Tomorrow, we rise united across our communities to make our vision of a just and equitable world a reality.”

Today’s march follows another successful national protest. Last Saturday, Earth Day, was dedicated to supporting Science in revealing and solving our Climate Change issues. While individuals and groups representing scientific research were certainly invited to join the People’s Climate Change March, the primary protesters consisted of social activists, indigenous tribes and the youth who will have to live with the long term effects of climate change.

Apr 22, 2014
Earth Day

The People’s
Climate March

Usually examines the Sun Signs and Day Rays of well-known people, because it is so revealing to discover the nature of their public and private natures. This time around we look at two important events that were planned to give similar messages to the political leaders of our nation regarding the views of those who are concerned about the condition of our planet.

From a Dayology perspective these two public demonstrations, Earth Day and The People’s Climate March, while both concerned with our planet’s future, certainly have their differences. The intensions of both events are pushing for the social changes necessary for humanity’s survival, but they are going about it in different ways. And interestingly the dates upon which they were scheduled to take place reveal these differences. Let’s take a closer look!

However the Sun Signs and Day Rays show to produce very different effects due to the contrasting Sun Signs in their signatures. Earth Day was celebrated in Aries releasing the Mars energy of enthusiasm, change and activation. The People’s Climate March held in Taurus strongly identifies with natural functions, solid procedures and practical efforts. Aries to Taurus is part of the natural progression in which organic movements take place. We cannot overlook the fact that both marches took place on Saturday, a very serious day. This fact was documented in a previous blog on Saturday Protests.

It’s not likely that we will see any outright results from either march, but it will work to ground climate change in the public consciousness. We might consider this event as the day that a line was drawn in the sand. It appears that from here on out world citizens must make their common sense heard through protests and their votes. If our governments are going to neglect the condition of the planet and ignore the voices of the people, we will all be lost.