It’s Synaesthesia

What color is Wednesday, Thursday or Friday? This question may seem silly to many of us, but Angela Huth experiences the days of the week as colors.

Back in 2012 British author Angela Huth was interviewed for the article What Color is Wednesday? in the Spectator magazine. Here she explains that her unusual gift comes from a condition called synaesthesia. The Wikipedia List of People with Synaesthesia has revealed to me that many well known musicians (classical and modern) claim that they hear music in color when they are composing or performing. Other synesthetes are artists and writers whose work exhibits vivid self expression involving the five senses.

What is it that mixes up the senses in the brains of  synaesthetes? It is not known what causes this condition, but it is often accompanied by a poor sense of direction; confusion regarding left and right; a striving for perfection and extraordinary creative talent.  It was once thought that synesthetes simply had over-active imaginations, but not anymore. Brain-imaging studies show that people with synaesthesia can discern exceptionally subtle groupings.  One theory promotes genetics because many synesthetes come from families with the same gift. For now The Science Museum states “It may be that as newborn babies we all experience synaesthesia, but that by the age of four months the senses have been ‘wired-up’ to the correct parts of the brain. Perhaps people with synaesthesia have some ‘cross-wiring’ left over from this process.”

Clinically synaesthesia is defined as a neurological state involving several areas of the brain. Where the average person has five distinct physical senses: sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell, synsesthetes experience an overlapping of two or more senses. Typically one type of stimulation triggers the sensation of another sort, as when hearing a sound  a certain color or an auditory sensation brings up a certain scent in the mind. Often letters or numbers are found to have specific colors and that happens to be true with the days of the week.

The Dayology Analysis

Angela Huth

Angela Huth is a playwright, journalist and author of eleven books. She describes herself as as an “old-fashioned” writer who details the lives of ordinary people in small corners of England. Being born on a Monday in Virgo, her signature is #18 MON VIR. She has the Moon as her INNER ruler and Mercury as her OUTER ruler.  This particular combination of energies makes her exceptionally perceptive. The Moon is impressionable and Mercury acts selectively. People with this signature may sense details that others tend to overlook, but are actually there in the scheme of things.

By the way Angela Huth experiences Monday as a cloudy pink: Tuesday is a deeper pink: Wednesday is mulberry red: Thursday is dark blue: Friday is yellow: Saturday is green: and Sunday is stainless steel. I am respectful of her choices, but these wouldn’t be the colors that I would pick for the seven days of the week. I can’t believe that I just admitted to personally having sensed colors for the days of the week. Well, I do. And right now, I have still have a number of unanswered questions about synaesthetes and their experiences. It’s complicated.

RESEARCH – It may be that Huth’s signature does not reflect all synsesthetes, but only that of a certain kind. Of the 75 synsesthetes in the Dayology Database, their signatures are composed of many different Day Rays and Sun Signs. Likewise we have examples of many but not all categories  of synaesthesia in my collection and still there is a strong Venus streak running all through the entries.  So more research is necessary to make any determination. 

Have you experienced certain sensations when you think of the seven days of the week? Maybe you’d be interested in a collection of LINKS about synaesthesia!.

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