Rest and Recharge

Take a Dayology vacation for your personal health.

Wouldn’t it be great to soak up the healthful vibes of your DAY RAY while you are having fun. And with Dayology you’ll know the exact situation that is right for you. It might be half way around the world. Or it could just be around the corner. Take your pick of the locations below:

Sunday and Leo are ruled by the Sun – Famous churches, historic palaces, Broadway shows, street theater, talent competitions, celebrity hangouts, fine dining restaurants, full service hotels, luxury ocean liners, grand promenades, great plazas and expansive views.
Monday and Cancer are ruled by the Moon – The wilderness, natural streams, rivers, lagoons, harbors, sea shore, cabins, bed and breakfast inns, ocean liners,  houseboats, ferries, reflective pools, soaking tubs, steam rooms, and health saunas.
Tuesday, Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars – Ski slope, bicycle race, shooting range, golf course, weightlifting competition, boxing match, baseball game, football game, volleyball game, political demonstration, marching parade and scenes of historic battles.
Wednesday, Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury – College library, book store, crafts fair, flea market, mystery party, magic shop, farmer’s market, computer class, information fair, travel agency, bus tour, poetry workshop, amusement park and game room arcade.
Thursday, Sagittarius and Pisces are ruled by Jupiter – Comedy club, clown school, culinary class,  operatic performance, religious retreat, wine tasting, foreign film, scenic  cruise, gambling casino,  pawn shop,  expeditionary trek, travel tour and ancient temple.
Friday, Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus – Art gallery, fashion show, garden party, designer boutique,theater performance, fabric shop, jewelry store, famous perfumeries, day spa, beauty pageant, garden tour, dancing classes  and romantic picnic.
Saturday, Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn – Religious retreat, organic farm, cattle ranch, ghost town, archaeological dig, mountain climb, cave expedition, junk shop, hardware store, prison museum, historic monument, and invention exposition.