Andrea Mitchell

This week Andrea Mitchell celebrates her 50th year as a newscaster.  What is the secret of her success?

Andrea Mitchell anchors The Andrea Mitchell Report daily on MSNBC. She also holds the title of Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent. These impressive achievements barely convey the scope and depth of this courageous individual’s effect on the media world. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania, Mitchell was hired as a mere reporter at KYW radio in Philadelphia. She moved to the nation’s capitol to become a CBS correspondent  and within a few years was working for NBC covering the White House. This women is pretty close to becoming a television news legend. Overtime she has covered six US presidents. As a foreign policy expert, she has traveled to every capitol of the world interviewing leaders and tyrants alike.

 “I couldn’t even get a job at first because they weren’t hiring women in the newsroom. I’ve seen this change from the end of the Sixties through the Seventies, and there was a spurt of “let’s hire women,” and then people kind of backed off from that. For a long time the most important beats were always occupied in Washington by men. There were very few women on the campaign trail. Breakthroughs there were with Cokie Roberts and Judy Woodruff and a lot of my print colleagues, Susan Page, Ruth Marcus. It was very lonely at first but we always banded together.”

All in Mitchell’s life has not been as she might have preferred but she has prevailed.  In 2011 she revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately the condition was caught early and treated.  Earlier in 2004 Mitchell faced some discouragement. She was considered along with  Gwen Ifill from PBS as the replacement host of Meet the Press, but was passed over for Chuck Todd. Had Mitchell been selected for the spot, there is no doubt, she would have excelled in conveying political policy and putting evasive guests on the spot.

Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell was born on Wednesday. Having Mercury as her Day Ray makes her alert to all the changes going on around her and she quickly learns how systems work.  As a news reporter, she presents her messages in a clear and viable manner. Mitchell was also born in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. This gives her a very subtle personality. She has the ability to investigate matters and can understand the range of human emotions without getting caught up in them herself.

Mitchell’s secret is that she is a Scorpio. She may not  be aware of her astrological sign, but it is clear that she made good use of  its resourcefulness. Early on she discovered that world affairs fascinated her. She worked harder than most in her field and persisted in staying top. And she isn’t one of the Scorpios who demean themselves to satisfy their desires or get ahead.

As an example of the positive Scorpio, Mitchell believes that life must be faced as it is and then transformed by heroic acts. Not only does she push others to tell the truth, she apologizes for her own oversights and transgressions. It’s true she is getting on in years, but we hear nothing as to retirement. Today a mature and talented woman can direct her own destiny, and that is exactly what Andrea Mitchell is doing.

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