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Lately Kim Jong-Un is threatening world peace with his nuclear tests.  It’s difficult for Dayology to determine his intentions because there is a question as to his birthday. Unfortunately Kim Jon-Un has three birth dates published on the Internet. Since we are in no position to demand a copy of Kim Jon-Un’s birth certificate, we must investigate his background and see which of the three Dayology signatures offers the best fit.

So what is there to know about this strange individual? He holds the position of Supreme Leader in North Korea, following the reigns of his father and grandfather. Originally his older brother, Kim Jong-nam was considered the heir apparent, but he fell out of public favor by attempting to visit Tokyo Disneyland with a false passport. That is the story anyway. Kim Jong-nam was subsequently exiled from North Korea and died under suspicious circumstances.

It is reported that Kim Jong-Un is “afraid of his own shadow.” Bill Richardson, a past USA ambassador to the United Nations, states that Jung Un is seriously concerned about being overthrown and losing his status in the world.  What little we see of North Korea in the news  appears over regimented and highly militarized. What isn’t revealed is the overwhelming repression. The Human Rights Watch observed that “the government curtails all basic human rights, including freedom of expression, assembly, and association, and freedom to practice religion. It prohibits any organized political opposition, independent media, free trade unions, and independent civil society organizations. Arbitrary arrest, torture in custody, forced labor, and public executions maintain an environment of fear and control.”

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As to the physical health and inclinations of Kim Jong Un, we do have some information. He has diabetes, hypertension and is greatly overweight. Kim Jung Un is married and has a daughter, but there are rumors that he enjoys partying with the ladies. He  imported a special sauna to help to ease his hang-overs. Last but not least, Jung Un had a strange friendship with US basketball player Dennis Rodman, who was born on a Saturday. Both individuals are quite eccentric as to their personal expression and perhaps that quality is part of their attraction to one another.

Which of these three dates is the birthday of Kim Jong-Un?

#70 FRI CAP             1/8/1982 
#82 SAT CAP            1/8/1983 
#10 SUN CAP           1/8/1984

We’ll be employing a new technique to solve this You Decide! situation. We are comparing the three possible signatures for similar qualities to those known about our subject. First of all it must be stated that unless we have a copy of an individual’s birth certificate in our hands, we can NEVER be sure of the Dayology Signature. But in working backwards from the three possible signatures we can attempt to guess the correct date by keeping in mind what we do know about the basic signatures.

Signature #70 FRI CAP seems all wrong. We would expect some observable kindness or compassion from a person with a FRIDAY Day Ray, even with a Capricorn Sun Sign. And no such signs of affection exist. As far as flaws go, a male with this signature might indicate a penchant for pleasurable evenings in a shadowy manner, and that isn’t enough to indicate Venus as Kim Jong Un’s INNER ruler. So this birthdate might as well be set aside.
Signature #82 SAT CAP is a strong contender. Having Saturn as the INNER and OUTER ruler makes for a serious person, It is true that North Korea is one of the most repressive and militarized states on Earth. Frankly this regime was in place before Kim Jong Un became the supreme leader, but he has taken full advantage of it. A close family member was murdered under mysterious circumstances. As to Kim Jong Un’s involvement, it is not clear.
Signature #10 SUN CAP is also a consideration, Having a Capricorn OUTER Self could account for the isolation that Kim Jong Un experiences and the cruelty that he directs. Having the Sun as his INNER ruler would explain his need to be in charge and retain his power to the very end. Sun types like to associate with celebrities. This signature would heighten his self-esteem. This profile sounds a lot like the Kim Jong Un that we know!

UPDATE: Let’s stop guessing and do some more research. Among Internet sources, there still is no consensus regarding Kim Jung Un’s birthdate. Kenji Fujimoto states that Kim’s year of birth is 1983.  He was a sushi chef for the family and an author of a tell-all book. That same birthdate is offered by Dennis Rodman who says he received it from the Supreme Leader himself. So the #82 SAT CAP Signature could be the one.

UPDATE – ‘Fujimoto the betrayer is back.” It was reported that Kim’s sushi chef has returned to North Korea after fleeing for his life in 2002. Apparently Fujimoto was invited home and from the looks of the photo, the reunion looks extremely emotional. It is said that the two had played together as children and were very close. All is forgiven says Kim. Now Fujimoto is willing to tell all who will listen about the virtues of this great leader.

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