Those Affleck Boys

Earlier this year Casey Affleck received an Oscar for his splendid performance in the film Manchester By the Sea. The display of affection between Ben and Casey at the ceremony was real and defied the media attempts to create an impressions of some sort of sibling rivalry between the two brothers.

There is only a three year difference between the ages of these two brothers, but Ben clearly takes on the older brother role to the younger Casey. Actually the brothers celebrate each other’s success. The general impression of the two is that Casey may turn out to be the better actor but Ben is finding greater satisfaction in being a director.

An article in the Daily Telegraph detailed their similarities, “Since they were kids, the boys have pursued similar interests, shared the same friends, moved cities at the same time and even married — and divorced — simultaneously. When their parents divorced, the boys were often greeted with an empty house after school and say they took care of themselves and each other.” This valuable information helps us to better understand their brotherly bond.

Ben Affleck

Casey Affleck

Ben Affleck and Casey Affleck were born three years apart, but they couldn’t be closer. Dayology points out that they both were born on Tuesdays in the zodiac sign of Leo. This means that they share the #29 TUE LEO Dayology signature. The fact that their natures reflect the same patterns of energies may surprise us, but Dayology research has traced specific energies through generation in families. It finds that having the same INNER and OUTER energies creates a strong bond between individuals.

While the two brothers are exceptionally close, we must recall that their relationship has not always been easy. Yes, the Leo OUTER Self is generous with friends and family, but Leos need ways to express themselves. Otherwise they may act up for attention. It appears that whatever these Leo brothers shared while while growing up, Casey and Ben are finding the strength to push through any resulting problems. It was reported in ENews that alcoholism is the biggest and most lingering problem for them both. Their father spent time in rehabilitation.

Taking our examination to another level Ben’s INNER Mars is placed in Leo and Casey’s INNER Mars is found in Taurus This shows that both have firm natures which can behave in a helpful or harmful manner. Leo makes Ben the public figure, always in and out of the spotlight. His ego displays are dramatic often with a sense of entitlement. A 29th degree MARS gives him many tests to pass. Casey has been slower in achieving success but with each goal he achieves, he builds upon it. He benefits physically from activity in natural or traditional settings.

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