Defending Human Rights

We might recognize her face, even if we don’t know her name. Gloria Allred is perhaps the most famous practicing attorney in the United States. She is one of those figures who is pushing us to  change our attitudes. Practicing what she calls “creative lawyering,” Allred  appeals to the court of public opinion by getting the victim’s perspective into the news. Her methods attract criticism from those who say that she is more concerned with the spotlight than justice. Still Allred’s adversaries admit that she is a fighter. Somehow she seems taller than her five foot two stature. How did she become such a crusader?

Sometimes the tough times provide us with experiences that make us stronger as individuals and more open regarding others. It appears that Allred learned what victims go through in the following dire situation. In her early twenties she was raped at gun point. When she learned that she was pregnant, she sought an abortion, which was illegal at the time. She subsequently suffered hemorrhaging and an infection, recovering only after hospitalization. Allred says she never reported the crime, because she didn’t think that she would be believed.  Obviously she made a decision to get through it herself and then to help to others.

Allred proceeded to obtain her law degree from Loyola University and was admitted to the State Bar of California. Since then she has represented both high profile and ordinary individuals, male and female, straight and transsexual in righting wrongs. In one way or another Allred has  been involved in the following cases: The OJ Simpson Trial; The Dodi Fayed Breach of Contract; The Scott Peterson Murder Trial; The Eddie Murphy Paternity Case; The Defense of Brittney Murphy’s Body Guard;  The Tiger Woods Scandal; The Anthony Weiner Affair; The Herman Cain Harassment Case; and the Jenna Talackova Controversy. For her truly extraordinary work Allred was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Trial Lawyers.

Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred was born on a Thursday and in the sign of Cancer giving her the #52 THU CAN Dayology Signature. The ruler of her INNER Self is Jupiter and the Moon is the ruler of her OUTER Self. Jupiter and the Moon are equally nurturing but in different ways. Jupiter has a strong social outlook and the Moon is personally quite sensitive. Both qualities are present in her character.

Traditional astrology states that Jupiter operates at its greatest capacity placed in the zodiac sign of Cancer. The precise term is “exaltation.” Sometimes when combined, the rulers of this Dayology signature, Thursday and Cancer, create an exaggerated or somewhat “over-the-top” effect. The individuals working in this capacity are simply responding to social need and to working to their fullest. In Dayology this combination creates very committed individuals.

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