Captive and Captor

It’s hard to believe that any child could be put through kidnapping or sexual assault. As a adult who has married and now has children of her own, Elizabeth Smart has made it her purpose in life to reduce or eliminate this sort of experience. During our research, we discovered much to our surprise that Elizabeth Smart has the exact same Dayology signature as one of her kidnappers. As to how that might have happened, we will getting around to that.  

This week the true story of Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapping was told in the A&E/Lifetime film Elizabeth Smart:   Autobiography.  It was produced with the full participation of Elizabeth Smart and is told from her perspective. As the on-screen narrator she explains how she survived the ordeal and confronts the various misconceptions about captivity. Smart asserts that most kidnappings are committed NOT by strangers, but by people that the child knows. In most cases the perpetrator is NOT a known sex offender. And finally Smart does NOT show any confidence in the ability of psychic detectives. The tip that led to her recovery was from people who phoned the police. Her captivity lasted nine months approximately 18 miles from her home.

While it isn’t good to make blanket statements, it looks as if Elizabeth Smart has made it through this episode of her life.  While she expresses deep emotion regarding these past events, she is extremely well-spoken. It is easy to see how writing her book My Story and advocating for The Elizabeth Smart Foundation are  stepping stones in her recovery. Her time as an overseas missionary in her church also helped her to move along.  It gave her the privacy that she needed to heal and the opportunity to meet Matthew Gilmour, the man who became her husband.

Elizabeth Smart

Wanda Barzee

Brian David Mitchell

Elizabeth Smart was born on a Tuesday in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Since Mars is the ruler of both Tuesday and Scorpio, this strong planet holds prominence in her life as both her INNER and OUTER rulers. Even though Smart was a quiet, well-behaved child before her kidnapping, during her captivity she discovered a reserve of resistance and courage that allowed her to get through this horrific experience. Mars plays the role of fighter or warrior, while Scorpio is a strategic sign with the capacity to wait until the right time to strike.

Wanda Barzee was born on a Tuesday in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. And Mars is the planetary ruler of both Tuesday and Scorpio. Mars is the ruler of her OUTER and INNER SELVES. Yes, she has the exact same #32 TUE SCO Dayology Signature as the teen that her husband abducted and sexually assaulted. She willingly assisted Brian David Mitchell in keeping Elizabeth Smart captive for nine months. It is natural to wonder how this bizarre set of circumstances came about and how much this piece of astrology or past karma may have played.

Brian David Mitchell was born on a Sunday in the zodiac sign of Libra. His OUTER SELF is ruled by the Sun and Venus governs his OUTER SELF. Ordinarily individuals with the #07 SUN LIB Dayology Signature are not vindictive or vicious, but people of any set of rulers can go wrong. Sun types do have strong natures, but with a Libra sign personality, there usually are issues about how this personal strength should be exercised especially relationships. Clearly he had a strong sexual appetite as well as a breakdown of his identity

During Barzee’s trial it came out that after raising her children from a previous marriage she and Mitchell sold their home and took to the road as missionaries. They traveled around but mostly just panhandled in bus stations. At the time Barzee testified that she found herself under extreme pressure to obey her husband’s demands, which included drinking alcohol and viewing pornography. When it came to her part in Elizabeth Smart’s abduction, Barzee admitted to restraining Elizabeth and never attempting to stop what went on. Experts determined that Barzee definitely had psychological problems and was given a ten year sentence. Mitchell was convicted and received two life sentences in federal prison.

Elizabeth Smart and her family.

UPDATE – The birth data of Michael Gilmore is still unavailable but apparently he and Elizabeth are very compatible. They are married with three children. It’s also clear that it was Elizabeth’s double Mars rulership that saw her through her abduction and back into life assisting others with the Elizabeth Smart Foundation. Learn how she sees things now about her recovery.

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