When Harry met Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced their engagement. They are planning to marry in May of 2018. The British newspapers are abuzz with details about the next royal wedding. Of course, the well-wishers are many, but some voices are raising concern regarding the bride’s background. The facts are that she is an actress, American, divorced and biracial. It is being pointed out that similar issues forced the Duke of Windsor to renounce the crown and live an exiled life with the woman he loved. That was then. This is now. It is reported that Meghan was introduced to Harry’s mother and received her official approval. It is heartening to see that The Queen recognized the qualities that caused Harry to chose Meghan as his wife.

Prince Harry

Meghan Markle

Prince Harry was born on Saturday in the sign of Virgo. This gives him Saturn as his INNER ruler and Mercury as his OUTER ruler. The #78 SAT VIR signature gives a serious nature that does what is necessary to be done. In contrast Meghan Markle was born on a Tuesday in the sign of Leo. This makes Mars her INNER ruler and the Sun her OUTER ruler. The #29 TUE LEO signature creates an impulsive nature that is creative and self-expressive.

It would be lovely to say that this marriage is destined to be a modern fairy tale. From a Dayology vantage point, there are too many mismatches to overlook them. First of all there are four different planetary rulers in this arrangement. That usually means that the partners end up with a lot of distance between them or time apart. It is easy to see that this couple are attempting to bridge their different personal and professional backgrounds. It may take more work than anticipated.

Next the OUTER rulers of their Sun Signs. Mercury and the Sun, work for different purposes. Harry is fulfilled by becoming ever more thoughtful and communicative. Meghan’s life purpose is to shine, but it won’t be through modeling or acting. Her royal restrictions could cause Meagan some frustration. Still she may enjoy making public appearances and together they could espouse various social issues and support their own charities.

Then the INNER rulers of their Day Rays, Saturn and Mars, are not exactly harmonious. Saturn can be extremely set in its ways and Mars is unusually impulsive. The story of Harry’s proposal is a perfect example. When Harry was popping the question, Meghan became so excited that she could barely let him finish. These particular dynamics will show-up from time to time. If Harry and Meghan know what to expect and can be flexible, she can add warmth and excitement to their relationship, while he provides stability and purpose. All in all, the very best is wished to this modern royal couple.

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