How Random are Relationships?

What brings two people together? What keeps them connected? What splits them up?

There is no ONE way to meet perspective partners. It used to be that our romantic interests were discovered in our communities like school, church or workplace. Outside of traditional cultures that arrange marriages, today people are pretty much on their own as they choose life partners. A new survey from Report Linker concludes that more and more people are looking for their soul mates and to them that means similar  hobbies, interests, likes, and dislikes.  Uh, Huh!

Lately the Internet has taken to introducing available people based on mostly external considerations. Some of these dating services function better than others.  Another trend which is regaining ground is matchmaking. It may be that these paid busy-bodies have a reasonable record of success because they become familiar with the desires and needs of the people they match up. And many cultures follow the dictates of “the stars” in matching up folks.

Bustle’s This Is The #1 Way People Are Meeting Their Significant Others recommends the use of friends and family members to introduce available singles. You can always meet others by getting involved in sports, religion and hobbies. The pursuit of education, particularly advanced degrees, can bring people with the similar interests together. However, if you like someone you see at work, keep in mind that romances can complicate or ruin your career prospects.

And happily ever after does not automatically follow the marriage ceremony. Statistics state that 50 percent of all first marriages in the U.S. end in separation or divorce. Second and third marriages are even less likely to succeed. The prime reasons for divorce are the disruptive issues which couples are simply not willing or are unprepared to face. Problems do not away on their own.  Irreconcilable differences are the most common grounds for divorce.

Now let’s consider Dayology.  It cannot be stated for sure what part the Day Ray and Sun Sign patterns are playing our relationships until more extensive Dayology Research is conducted. It is being found that relationships among famous pairs do follow certain harmonious and disharmonious patterns. Dayology in our Relationships a lists a number of well-known individuals playing out a variety of roles and combining a  number of energies.

Our conclusion is that relationships are less random than supposed.  While the precise roles that the planets play in attraction and endurance have yet to be confirmed, we certainly have many social structures that can bring us together and hold us in place, if we care to support them. 

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