Looking to the Future

New’s Year Day is an occasion to consider the next few years from a Dayology point of view. Does the Day Ray of a year mean anything as far as our Earth experiences go?

This 2018 New Year’s Day occurs on a Monday. If the individual years are influenced by the Day Ray upon which they fall, then we have just passed through a year ruled by the Sun. No other planetary energy more appropriately describes the huge personalities and power plays of 2017. All the while those individuals representing the goodness of human nature and positive ideals were confronted with vicious falsehoods and forced to watch their own steps.

If Monday represents the present year we can expect a period of extreme restlessness. Great energy will be invested in planetary movements creating mass social turmoil, Beneath the surface, a healing is taking place initiated by the Earth’s natural forces and the feminine demands for respect. This is the time to carefully nurture ourselves and those around us. We must also decide which of our personal emotions and feelings are to be given voice.

If there is any period of time in the future where we need to be especially cautious it is 2019. Beginning on a Tuesday it is ruled by Mars all year long. The nature of our long-term existence will be determined by our unconscious attitudes and deliberate actions at this time. If various aggressive demands are not moderated and met with benevolent consideration, new levels of violence may be encountered which are hard to imagine and difficult to live through.

The year 2020 will be determined by the outcomes of previous years. It starts on a Wednesday and hosts a critical U.S. Election. Mercury as the Day Ray ruler promotes the ability to make good decisions providing that the information received is accurate and timely. Otherwise, we may try to fool ourselves, falling in line with wishful or distorted perceptions of reality. The thing to keep in mind is that each of us is solely responsible for our own actions and consciousness.

As to future of humanity on this planet for the next decade, it depends upon the nature of our actions. There is every reason to expect a planetary future except for the irresponsible actions of mankind. And that we can fix!

UPDATE – Well it looks like Dayology did a pretty good job of describing the undercurrents of 2018, 2019 and 2020. A new set of annual predictions will be published on January 1 2021,

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