The Wings of Desire

This piece of German cinema might be the most romantic film ever made. That’s because the major character is a fallen angel. It takes place within the cultural underbelly of Berlin in 1986. The people are trying to exist within the disintegration of the old culture and the introduction of modern new values. The story is told through the eyes of an angel whose role is a watcher. 

For thousands of years it has been the task of the watchers to walk invisibly among humans and to silently help them to cope with life. Everywhere they go they find that people are locked into pain due to their general anxiety. It becomes disheartening to discover that humans are so absorbed in their distress that they cannot accept the solace offered silently by these angels.

While making his rounds one of the angels, Daniel, discovers two humans who can actually sense his heavenly presence. Needless to say he is intrigued. One of them is a lonely female acrobat who is struggling to be “free.” The second is a popular television star who is discovered to have formerly been a watcher, and has turned his back on heaven to become human himself.

As Daniel wonders what being human would be like, hel is drawn down from his lofty vantage into a world of new experiences including drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and falling in love. The film ends with the angel describing his first sexual encounter with such sensitivity that it barely resembles the act that so many dismiss as shameful and others express as a curse.

Bruno Ganz

Solveig Dommartin

Bruno Ganz (the angel) was born on Saturday giving Saturn rulership of his INNER SELF. Having an Aries Sun Sign makes Mars the ruler of his OUTER SELF. This combination of energies creates an extraordinarily serious being with a tendency to extremely bold moves.

Solveig Dommartin (the acrobat) was born on Tuesday making Mars her INNER SELF.  Her Taurus Sun Sign makes Venus is the ruler of her OUTER SELF. Individuals with the #26 TUE TAU Dayology Signature are active individuals with a sensual and down-to-earth nature.

The casting of these roles could not be more perfect. The chemistry between these two talented actors comes from the fact that Solveig’s Day Ray and Bruno’s Sun Sign are both ruled by passionate Mars. This cross aspect of Mars is often found in relationships where two individuals have something to share but the exact situation could resemble Heaven or it’s opposite, Hell. 

Both Western and Vedic astrology view the planet Mars as the representative of desire.

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