YOU DECIDE! Sybil Leek

Back in the fifties and sixties Sybil Leek was the world’s most famous witch, but on which date was she born?

Yes, there is some debate about the birthdate of this celebrity witch, but there is no lack of information about her life. In our monthly YOU DECIDE! feature we examine everything online  about an individuals’s life and try to extract their character. While we are sure that the Sun Sign of Sybil Leek is Pisces, perhaps some interesting biographical details will give us a hint concerning her Day Ray.

#60 THU PIS     2/17/1917       Sybil Leek
#48 WED PIS    2/22/1922       Sybil Leek

Sybil Leek was born into a British Wiccan family. Her mother’s ancestry was traced back to the witches of Southern Ireland in 1134 and her father’s family had ties to royalty in czarist Russia. The Leeks lived a very comfortable and fashionable life.  During her childhood Aleister Crowley, H.G. Wells, and Lawrence of Arabia were occasional guests at her home.

At the tender age of  fifteen Leek was initiated into a coven in which her elderly aunt had been the High Priestess. The very next year she married a well-known pianist-conductor who happened to be twenty-four years her senior. He died two years later and she returned to Britain just as World War II broke out in Europe, where, like most of the women, she helped to nurse the wounded.

A colorful figure she was. She began her public life by opening a successful antique shop. She attracted attention by appearing publicly in a witch’s cape and posing for photos with her pet jackdaw perched on her head. Leek was also a prolific occult writer. She is credited with at least 60 books on such mystical subjects as Astrology, Numerology, Phrenology and Reincarnation.

Leek’s life changed greatly after she moved to the United States and decided to retire.  During this time she remarried and raised two sons, all the while making great efforts to maintain her privacy. Although Leek was often attacked for her “evil beliefs” it was her “generally sensible attitudes about spirituality” that appealed to the public.

Which of the two dates is the true birthday of Sybil Leek?

The true birthday of Sybil Leek was revealed at her death according to a story about her funeral. A card was engraved with Leek’s birth and death for that solemn occasion. On it was printed the 1917 date. This piece of information was a total surprise to her friends and family. She had been using the 1922 date for as long as they had known her. The possibilities are that either she liked the look of all the 2’s of 2/22/1922; she enjoyed being viewed as younger than she actually was; or as an astrologer she knew that her true nature and intentions could never be ascertained using a false date.  It is quite likely that her motivation was mixed. That’s my considered opinion.