The Saturday Night Massacre

Are we headed toward a devastating political crisis like the one that took place during the Watergate investigation?

Alert individuals have noted similarities between Watergate and the ongoing Trump/Russian investigation. Chris Matthew stated on his nightly MSNBC show, Hardball, that we are viewing a replay of the original Saturday Night Massacre in slow motion. One by one the figures who stand up to the President are being forced to resign or face being fired. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was dismissed. Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe stepped down. FBI Director James Comey was fired. Is current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein next to go? Can Special Prosecutor Mueller be prevented from revealing his findings?

The original Saturday Night Massacre is the evening that the Justice Department took a big hit.  To slow down the Watergate investigation Nixon ordered his Attorney General, Elliot Richardson, to fire Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox. Richardson refused and resigned in protest. Nixon then ordered Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus to do the deed. Ruckelshaus also refused and resigned. Finally Nixon went to the Solicitor General, Robert Bock, who after being sworn in as Acting Attorney General wrote a letter firing Cox. Despite all the desperate moves of Nixon, the taped recordings of his own deceit eventually forced him to resign from the presidency.

It’s not an accident that the Saturday Night Massacre happened on the seventh day of the week. Saturday has a reputation for activating things in an all or nothing manner. It is for this reason that Saturday is regarded as a bad day to start new and important things. From the earliest times it was thought best to take the seventh day off and be grateful for the good things in our lives.

Richard M. Nixon

The Saturday Night Massacre occurred on a Saturday occurred in Libra, the zodiac sign of law and order. It was this energy that pushed the Department of Justice responses to do the right thing even if it required the personal sacrifice of several individual careers. This “do or die” attitude was made stronger by the fact that planet Saturn was in a stationary position having just turned retrograde. In addition Saturn was moving through Cancer, which represents tough times for the American public.  Something big was definitely being straightened out.

When the energies of the Saturday Night Massacre are compared to signature of Richard Nixon, an interesting story emerges. Nixon was born on Thursday in Capricorn which contributed to his desire to be a great statesman. If he had understood the workings of Dayology, he would have realized that Saturdays are not the days for anyone to cover up anything. only the opposite;  unburdening oneself is the best policy.  The cross aspect between Nixon’s Saturn ruled Capricorn OUTER SELF was intensified by the clear INNER Saturn/Saturday energies of the day.

Reviewing the 1979 Saturday Night Massacre helps us to realize that it is best for FLAWED INDIVIDUALS WRESTLING WITH THE FATES to let things work out through established measures even when they are made personally to look bad. To resist when you are obviously in the wrong does not make cosmic sense. To own up to your bad deeds OUTWARDLY might be personally embarrassing, but INWARDLY signifies another great spiritual lesson learned.

We most definitely have a “situation” with our current President. With the enormous pressures that he shoulders so irresponsibly and the growing disapproval, he could easily experience a break with reality. So there is no telling how this current crisis will end. We can be sure that it will reflect the exact nature of the players and the playing field, and it is not likely to occur on Saturday this time around.

UPDATE – In the 2020 election the American peopled elected Joseph Biden to the office of U.S. President. Hopefully all that was reported upon in these previous features about Donald Trump will soon seem like a bad dream and we can proceed with the business of the future.

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