The Queen’s Luncheon

Learn more about the largest group of Time Twins ever gathered together.

The prestigious event took place at Buckingham Palace. In 2006 Elizabeth II celebrated her 89th birthday in all the normal ways. She showed up in a new Spring coat with a matching hat; she took one of her famous walkabouts and inspected the spectacular Trooping the Colour parade.  After that she made a public speech tanking the thousands who had sent her cards and greeting.  In the evening she joined her family for a private dinner.  But there’s more to this story.

The day before the Queens birthday she hosted a royal luncheon. The 99 guests had all been born on the exact same day as the Queen herself. No explanations were given as to why the queen would wish to meet these folks and no objections were made. After all who questions the whims of a queen especially when it is such a personal and harmless matter. Still this gathering of 100 time twins has never occurred in modern history and probably would not happen again without significant effort.

Queen Elizabeth’s Time Twins

All these individuals, including the queen, were born on April 21, 1926 and therefore share the #28 MER TAU Dayology signature. Obviously, due to differences in genetics, they do not share resemblances, but there is a general sense of awareness in their eyes and an attention to detail in their choice of hairstyle, clothing and accessories.

Queen Elizabeth II

Back in the planning stage notices had been published in the newspapers in Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. They invited British and Common Wealth citizens having the exact same birthday as the queen to enter a lottery. Naturally a valid birth certificate had to be supplied to be selected for this once in a lifetime opportunity to dine with the queen. And understandably each winner was allowed to bring a companion who would accompany them on the trip.

The event went seamlessly, except for an unexpected fall from one gentlemen, who was promptly back on his feet. As the group assembled Elizabeth mixed with her guests inquiring politely as to their upbringings and professions. Sipping sherry she seemed quite down-to-earth, in contrast to the luncheon which was simply elegant. The 70 women and 29 men were officially seated in the palace dining room. Their meal was served on solid silver plates ordinarily reserved for state events.

The event was closed by the queen stating “I doubt whether any of us would say the last 80 years has been smooth sailing. But we can give thanks for our health and happiness, the support we receive from our families and friends, some wonderful memories and the excitement that each new day brings. I hope all those of you who are my exact twins will make the most of our special day on Friday. A happy birthday to you all.” 

The British Royals