Day of the Week Fragrances

Does Tuesday actually smell any different than Thursday? Of course not, but fragrances remind us of the things we do on certain days of the week. To some Frankincense brings the holiness of Sunday church services to mind. Lavender reminds others of our grandmother’s Monday laundry day. And the fragrance of roses weakens our knees bringing to mind an especially romantic Friday night. Your personal associations might be a bit different, but you get the picture.

There are all kinds of scents around us. Natural fragrances are our very best friends. They were created to help us to recognize the seven daily energies . At first these sensory encounters take some effort to recognize, but gradually it gets easier. We discover that each day of the week has its own color, rhythm and tone. And it’s not as though inhaling fragrances is a grossly unpleasant activity. On the contrary this type of “sniffing” can be an exquisite experience.

Our personal spirits are lifted by fragrance of naturally scented incense, soaps, lotions and candles. The question is which scent, as flowers, herbs, spices or fruits, reflects the nature of each day of the week for you. The answer comes through experimentation. The following correspondences are assembled from a variety of sources including Holistic Health, Wicca, Magick, Astrology and Ayurveda. One of these suggestions might be just right for you.

Sunday is ruled by the Sun. Bitter Orange, Cinnamon, Cloves, Lemon, Frankincense, Heliotrope, Hops, Orange Blossom, Marigold, Musk, Myrrh, Sandalwood, and Sunflower.

Monday is ruled by the Moon. African Violet, Amber, Birch, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Lavendar, Motherwort, Vervain, White Rose, White Iris, White Poppy, Willow, and Ylang-Ylang.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars. Basil, Black Pepper, Carnation, Clove, Cock’s Comb, Dragon’s blood, Ginger, Hellebore, Holly, Patchouli and Red Rose.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. Chamomile,  Eucalyptus, Fern, Forget me Not, Jasmine, Lavender, Verbena, Periwinkle, Mint and Sweet Pea.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. Aloes, Beech, Buttercup, Cedar, Cinnamon,  Laurel, Lilac, Hyssop, Oak, Sage, Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Oakmoss, Rosemary, Sage, Stock and Storax.

Friday is ruled by Venus. Cardamom, Cherry, Clematis, Heather, Ivy, Lotus, Rose, Sandalwood, Stephanotis, Strawberry, Vanilla, Violet and Water Lily.

Saturday is ruled by Saturn. Cypress, Coltsfoot, Black Poppy, Fir, Frankincense, Galipan, Hemlock, Hyacinth, Moss, Myrrh, Nightshade, Pansy and Wolfsbane.

Dayology Tips for Selecting Fragrances

Why should we get stuck on just one scent for each day of the week, particularly when there “families” of scents all sharing essential qualities with exquisitely subtle differences?

Natural substances corresponding to the Day Rays occur all over the world. Something that is easily accessible in one region might remain absolutely unknown in another locality.

Various traditions have developed carefully guarded sets of sacred scents based certain beliefs. If we are unaware of these concepts, we may miss out on these valid connections.

The scents that feel right to one person may have a different effect on another. Our individual Day Rays and Sun Signs make a very big difference in how we perceive the world.

There are many reasons for not “getting” the traditional associations. The careless handling of substances or a wrong intention can obstruct the reception of particular scent.

Keep in mind that these suggestions cover the many uses of fragrance over different periods of time. Celestial influences actually change regularly, in both short and long term cycles.

Trust your intuition when it comes to “feeling good.” Your spirit has the best grasp of reality that you can find. It knows what you have been though and what is on its way.

This information does not replace
the advice of healthcare professionals,
still the beneficial effects of feeling
well and whole cannot be discounted
in maintaining one’s health.

Day of the Week Gem Stones

There is another set of birthstones that is
not so well-known, but absolutely
deserving of our attention. These
beautiful gems represent
the seven days of the week
and the seven rays.

The Calculator
informs you as to which day
of the week you were born.
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