Stormy Weather Ahead

Dark skies ahead for President Trump. This prediction is based upon the teamwork of Stormy Daniels and her attorney, Michael Avenatti.

Stormy Daniels is the stage name of adult film actor, Stephanie Clifford.  She claims that she got involved with Donald Trump long before he decided to run for the U.S. Presidency. This consensual affair began in 2006 about the time when his wife, Melania had given birth to their first child. In 2007 Clifford discussed this relationship on a nationally syndicated radio show. She stated that the affair lasted less than a year and there was no exchange of money.

In January 2018 the Wall Street Journal reported that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen had paid Clifford $130,000 to silence her. This took place in October 2016, just before the presidential election. The details of the non-disclosure agreement was discussed by Clifford on her CBS 60 Minutes interview on March 28, 1918 . She claimed that she had been  threatened with physical harm and forced to sign, which if proven would invalidate the contract.

With the advice of her attorney, Michael Avenatti, Clifford filed a lawsuit against Trump, claiming, among other things, that the contract was not legal because Trump had never signed it. Clifford has offered to  give back all the money to call the whole thing off in order to tell her side of the story, but it’s too late. Last Friday Trump’s legal team asserted that Clifford owe at least 20 million for the information they claim has been  leaked out about the infamous affair. None of these obfuscations are stopping Clifford and Avenatti. Who are these people?


Stephanie Clifford

Michael Avenatti was born on a Tuesday in the sign of Aquarius. His INNER self is ruled by Mars and his OUTER self is ruled by either Saturn or Uranus. As a #35 TUE AQU individual he takes risks that others would not even consider for a minute. He is fired up, mentally determined and strategically acting in an unpredictable manner or having unexpected experiences.

Stephanie Clifford was born on Saturday in the sign of Pisces. Her INNER self is ruled by Saturn and her OUTER self is ruled by Jupiter or Neptune.  As a #84 SAT PIS individual she is known for being a strong minded and being an advocate for those who need some help. She should know better but she often behaves in an overly generous or very open-minded way.

UPDATE – Celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti was convicted by a Manhattan jury of extorting Nike for tens of millions of dollars. He faces 330 years of prison time for all the charges against him. Naturally he is also to be disbarred from practicing law.

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