Harvey Weinstein

Will Harvey Weinstein’s defense use the twisted Hollywood practices as an excuse for the continued sexual abuse of women?

Today Harvey Weinstein appeared in court with his attorney, Benjamin Brafman, at his side.  Weinstein faces felony charges of rape and criminal sex acts against two women.  He will learn on July 30th if he has been indited. Outside in front of the press Brafman stated “The Casting Couch In Hollywood was not invented by Harvey Weinstein.” He was referring to the demand of sexual favors in return for entry into an occupation or career advancement. While this term has become something of a joke, it is actually a serious form of sexual coercion.

Brafman explained Weinstein’s position “If a woman decides that she needs to have sex with a Hollywood producer in order to advance her career and actually does it and finds the whole thing offensive, that’s not rape. You made a conscious decision that you’re willing to do something that is personally offensive in order to advance your career. Now, however offensive the whole saga may be on both of your parts, that’s not a crime.

In reference to his client, Brafman added, “I see many of the allegations against him [that] would suggest criminal conduct, when you drill down and really look at the facts and complaints I don’t believe many of them to be true.” In other words, Weinstein behaved badly, but the women were 100% complicit in the sexual acts that took place. Considering that  95 women have disclosed their abuse from Weinstein’s hands, comes off as a “sexual predator.”

Ben Brafman

Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein and Brafman are both born on Wednesdays and share the INNER expectation of making it through life using their wits. Wednesday’s ruler is Mercury, the planet of the communication, commerce and craftsmanship.  The Sun Signs of both men are the water element, Pisces and Cancer. Theses individuals are pushed to respond emotionally to OUTWARD situations, sometimes in an uplifting manner, and sometimes in refusing to face reality. 

The relationship between Weinstein and Brafman is greatly enhanced by these similarities. Brafman can understand Weinstein’s mindset which allows Weinstein to appreciate the legal expertise of Brafman. The problem is that together they cannot see beyond the perimeters of their own feelings and rationalizations. Hopefully the jury discounts the treacherously long shadow of “the casting couch” in the upcoming Harvey Weinstein verdict.

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