Dayology Research

It has taken years of investigation to develop the Dayology Typology System. And it will only be through research that Dayology becomes an accepted means for understanding ourselves and getting along with others. Perhaps you have your own ideas as to what you want to investigate.

Personal Explorations can be made by Dayology students regarding their own signatures. These investigations might also include people that the student knows personally. This material is generally not shared publicly due to confidentiality issues.

Dayology DataBases store information gathered pertaining famous and accomplished individuals. The Dayology Data Base is our primary index for research. It contains biographical and astrological data for over 100,000 accomplished individuals.

Dayology Data Sets provide specific information that viewers can use to study the workings of Dayology in specific situations.

DATA SET – Celebrity Couples
DATA SET – Messy Divorces
DATA SET – Same Sex Pairs – Females
DATA SET – Same Sex Pairs – Males
DATA SET – Famous Time Twins
DATA SET – The Synesthetes
DATA SET – SayHerName
DATA SET – Those Extra Pounds (not complete)

Dayology Compilations list the pages on the Dayology Blog that demonstrate how Dayology operates in our daily lives. Right these examinations include inquiries into the relationships of notable individuals to determine the nature of their innate bonds.

COMPILATION (1) – Same Signature
COMPILATION (2) – Same Day Ray
COMPILATION (3) – Same Sun Sign
COMPILATION (4) – Cross Aspected
COMPILATION (6) – Doubled Rulers
COMPILATION (5) – Mutual Reception

Systematic Research is needed to confirm the foundations of Dayology as solid and reliable. This will come as we proceed along with our individuals investigations.