Dayology Research

It was through years of research that we now have the Dayology Typology System. And it will only be through further analysis that Dayology becomes an accepted means for understanding ourselves and getting along with others.

Here are several forms of inquiry that we can foresee being pursued during the next few decades. Perhaps you have your own ideas as to what you would like to investigate. In that case, We encourage you to pursue your own interests.

Types of Dayology Research

Personal Explorations can be made by Dayology students regarding their own signatures. This investigation can also include people that the student knows. This personal material is generally not shared due to basic confidentially issues.
The Dayology Data Base stores Dayology information gathered pertaining to almost one hundred thousand famous and accomplished individuals. It is hoped that some far-seeing individuals will utilize the data-base formats that are now being designed and choose to merge their personal files into a carefully managed collection.
Deeper Investigations hold the key to understanding how Dayology operates in our daily lives. These explorations may include inquiries into the relationships of notable individuals to determine their innate bonds. A range of historic and world events can be analyzed to determine if specific types of activity do follow the Dayology principles.
Systematic Research is needed to confirm the foundations of Dayology as solid and reliable. This research may include examinations of masses of birth data from reliable sources or the information gathered by Dayology students.

For your convenience we provide sets of DATA

for your own study and research.

CONTACT US if you are interested in conducting  Dayology research.  Anyone is invited to look into the Dayology Typology. After all it’s a free world!  Keep in mind that Dayology is trademarked and copyrighted, so you cannot practice it professionally without being licensed. provides extensive training to all who are working within our framework.