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Michio Kaku has voiced his opposition to forming a U.S. Space Force and for good reasons.

Kaku was invited on the most recent MSNBC A.M. Joy program this weekend  to comment on the Trump Administration plan for a sixth branch of the U.S. military.  Although he did not expressly oppose  the proposal he clearly views it as a bad idea. Instead he states that the Outer Space Treaty which is 50 years old must be renegotiated. This agreement represents the basic legal framework of international space law. It bars placing weapons of mass destruction in Earth orbit, installing them on the Moon or Moon or any other celestial body.

Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist and currently serves as a professor at the City College of New York and CUNY Graduate Center. He is the author of several textbooks on string theory and quantum field theory. He has also written four New York Times best-sellers and has appeared any any number of television programs.  Right now Michio serves as the host of the weekly one-hour radio program Exploration produced by the Pacifica Foundation. He says he does his best to remain positive in the scientific muddle in which we dwell.

Physics of the last century gave us
television, radio, microwaves, gave us
the Internet, lasers, transistors,
computers – all of that from physics.”

“What we usually consider as impossible
are simple engineering problems.
There’s no law of physics
preventing them.” 

Kaku is concerned most over the denial of the anthropogenic causes of global warming and what he believes to be the general misuse of science.  In his forward to Weapons in Outer Space, Kaku has asserted that the U. S. government is not the least bit interested in the “peaceful use of space.” The disruption of the world’s communication systems is likely to be the next wave of aggression and then weaponized satellites.

Michio Kaku

Kaku is certainly a figure to be admired and trusted. He is an Aquarian, mentally equipped to be ahead of his times and move humanity far into the future. Aquarius is ruled OUTWARDLY by both Saturn and Uranus. Stodgy Aquarians insist on law and order while the advanced ones may feel entitled to bend and break the rules, especially when life appears too restrictive. Being born on Friday he is INWARDLY guided by lovely Venus. This gives him the vision, love and humor that allows him to compassionately impart critical information into our collective consciousness.

In the face of our  huge global issues Michio Kaku remains an optimist and he seems to have something to say about just about any technological consideration. He is far more than a futurist or popularizer of science. He’s an absolute genius, and very likable one at that.  We should be grateful that we have this special unit of consciousness among us right now.  

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