Who is Jill Wine-Banks?

The face of this person appears frequently on cable TV and for good reason.

Why is Jill Wine-Banks in such high demand as a commentator on MSNBC right now? And why does she seem so sure that we will make it through our upcoming political crisis? The answers to these two question are very simple. She smiles and nods knowingly because she has  actually “been there and done that.” Wine-banks, known at the time as Jill Wine-Volner, was one of the three Assistant Watergate Prosecutors in the Watergate obstruction of justice trial against President Nixon’s top aides, with the President named an unindicted co-conspirator.  She was given the task of cross-examining Rose Mary Woods, President Nixon’s secretary, about the 18 ½ minute gap in a key White House recording. She succeeded in proving that Woods was covering for her boss. During the Watergate proceedings Wine-Banks also received attention for wearing miniskirts as well as fulfilling her duties as a high powered attorney.

Today we don’t think twice about “lady lawyers” but for her whole life Wine-Banks challenged attitudes against women in the legal field. In a 1975 interview with Richard Heffner of OPEN MIND she discussed the problems that she and other females faced. “Women do react differently and handle things a little differently because of years of training. Also because for years we have not had the power to exercise. So when we do get the power we exercise it differently. It’s my feeling that eventually when women exercise power for long enough, women will probably treat it very much the same way men do. I would hope that women will not give up the advantages of training that they have now. When I say “the advantages” I mean the certain qualities that make them different and better in some ways than men, but that they will adopt the best of men’s training and be able to combine the best of both without giving up either.” Honestly these keen observations remain relevant today.

Wine-Banks began her career as an organized crime prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice.  After Watergate she entered into private practice with a Washington DC firm. From there she was the first woman named  General Counsel of the U.S. Army by President Carter. Back in Illinois, the state of her birth, Wine-banks was appointed Solicitor General and then promoted to Deputy Attorney General. Along the way she served as the Executive Vice President of the American Bar Association, and worked within a number of international corporations,  and charitable organizations. Now in her seventies Wine-Banks is still going strong as a popular speaker to business groups and universities, in additions to her television appearances.

The Dayology Analysis

Jill Wine-Banks

Jill Wine-Banks was born on a Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Taurus. This makes Mercury the ruler of her INNER Self and Venus in charge of her OUTER Self. Together they create the bright and stable 38 WED TAU Dayology Signature.

The Wednesday Day Ray produces people with intense intellects. They are alert and want to understand anything that comes their way. They possess the rare ability to see both sides of most situations. In her commentator roles you can watch Wine-banks listening to other guests and quickly understanding their points of view. She is only too happy to add valuable information regarding the law or the ways in which the legal system works.

The Sun Sign Taurus produces individuals with firm desire natures. Wine-Bank accepts that the world offers a wide availability of choices, but she maintains her own value system. As a Taurus she prefers conventional employment producing physical results. And she appreciates the good life to the extent that she may struggle with health and weight issues. Taurians can accumulate a fair degree of wealth in real-estate, stable investments and collecting valuables.

UPDATE: Wine-Banks is known for her extensive collection of decorative pins. She uses these dazzlers like talismans to express  subtle messages. On a July 28, 2018 cable television appearance she chose to wear “Only a Blue Wave will save our democracy.”  She stated then that she anticipated the victory of the Democrats in  the 2018 and 2020 U.S. elections.  A Blue Wave did sweep across the country in the 2018 midterms. The Democrats took the U. S. House of Representatives. Unfortunately the Blue Wave did not reach the Senate chambers and the White House.

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