Dayology Link Library

At we do a lot of research for our features. Some of our inquiry takes place in actual libraries. Most of it occurs online. These Dayology link collections offers hours of good reading regarding the remote background and modern development of Dayology.

Dayology LINK Collections

  • LINKS – Akan Beliefs – Learn more about a culture that names its children after the seven days of the week. They know what they are doing.
  • LINKS –The Days of the Week – Here’s how the seven days of the week got their names. It might not be exactly AS  you thought.
  • LINKS – Predicting the Week Ahead – Visit some clever sites that offer FREE Seven Day Tarot Readings. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared.
  • LINKS – Full Moon Observances – People do all kinds of things at this time of the month. It’s definitely something to look into.
  • LINKS – It’s Polarity – Yes, it’s true that some Sun Signs are assertive while others are laid back. It all depends upon polarity.
  • LINKS – The Seven-Pointed Star – Learn about the spiritual uses of this beautiful geometric figure. Anyone up for magick?
  • LINKS – Typologies of Seven – is not the only system that uses the days of the week as personality types. There are others.
  • LINKS – The Inner Self – Our INNER SELF is a part of our essential nature. It was it was in existence long before each of us personally came on the scene.
  • LINKS – Personal Altars – Coming
  • LINKS – Day of the Week Superstitions – Coming
  • LINKS – Belief Management – Coming
  • LINKS – Sacred and Profane – Coming
  • LINKS – The Chaldean Order – Coming
  • LINKS – It’s Elemental – Coming
  • LINKS Synaesthesia – Coming


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