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The Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology was originally published in the nineteen thirties. The latest edition (2017) appears to be an exact replica of the original, just with a new cover. Yes, it’s a bit pricey but it’s essential to anyone who wishes to understand the planetary basis of physical health. According to Wikipedia medical astrology rests upon an association of various parts of the body with the energies of the sun, moon, planets, and the twelve zodiac signs. In one form or another, “diagnosis by the stars” is still used for the benefit of mankind in many cultures.

It is not advised that we dump our health insurance in favor of medical astrology, but in many cases, the adaptation of a new attitude or change of daily habits, can be helpful in overcoming bad habits or getting over a minor complaint. It may just be that future medical developments may resemble Medical Astrology just framed with different terminology. Consider how the ancient health practices of Acupuncture and Ayurveda are used with conventional medicine. Both of these “old” systems rest on alternative beliefs about life and the universe. Keep in mind that truthful physicians will admit there is always more to learn. Everyone knows that!

“This book is the finest compilation of astrology and medicine ever written: an exhaustive, alphabetical listing of nearly every disease and symptom, diagnosed from an astrological point
of view. Replete with useful hints, including chiropractic, diet, planetary hours, colors, and more.” ~ Alibrus

The Intent of the Author

“When this mass of material was straightened out, arranged, classified and the various influences causing a disease were gotten together and studies, it has been an interesting study to note the fundamental influence and nature of the various planets, and how these influences were in the minds of the various writers, from the time of Ptolemy, and on down through the centuries until the present time, and with these facts and data before me, it has become an easy matter for me to see what influences were missing, and which have never been listed or tabulated in any book, as far as I have been able to discover, and to fill these in, and to do my part in helping to develop the Science of Medical Astrology, and get the knowledge along this line into such a shape that students can get at it quickly, and by merely turning to a subject in the alphabetical arrangement. Also in this Encyclopedia I have given attention to the Higher and Spiritual side of Astrology, to Esoteric Astrology, and have tried to arouse the readers to an inner consciousness of their Higher Powers, to rule their stars, and not be a slave to the various planetary aspects and influences which operated over them at birth, or may be manifesting themselves along thru life.”

The author, H. L. Cornell  (1872-1938) was both a naturopathic physician and an astrologer. It took him 15 years to assemble the materials in this 958 page resource. If the book has any problems it is that it might be “too detailed” for its own good. It describes hundreds of conditions in medical terms, but sometimes ascribes unfamiliar causes to these maladies. Still this book is absolutely fascinating in the ways that one can clearly sense of the medical manners and morals of the early 20th century.

Following is a brief summation of the medical information in this book regarding the seven day week and the people born on each day of the week. Medical astrology should only be used with an understanding of the individual’s natal chart and with the care of health professionals:

SUNDAY is ruled by the Sun. The Sun is considered to be dry and hot, but also vitalizing. Patients suffering from slow and lingering (Saturn) diseases benefit most by treatments on Sunday and in Sunday hours. Common Sun ailments include fevers and inflammations. Serious Sun problems come from hereditary transmissions, circulatory problems and structural defects. People born on Sunday have strong constitutions, positive attitudes and stable outlooks.

MONDAY is ruled by the Moon. Monday and the Moon hours are good times to treat chronic diseases. The Moon is very cleansing and at her strongest at night, however the results may not appear until the next day. The Moon is the primary indicator of infant health, female reproductive nature and the cause of many functional problems of unwise daily habits on individual organs. The Moon moves fast and people born on Monday tend to be restless and fond of travel and change. Everyone alive is affected by the Moon, especially especially at it’s phases, the new moon, full moon, and its quarters.

TUESDAY is ruled by Mars. Tuesday is the time to give the remedies of Mars, such as tonics and stimulants, or during the Mars hours of any day. It is also a good day to apply poultices to boils. The action of Mars is sudden and intense with the capacity to burn up poisons and wastes, It also has a strong connection to the blood. People born on Tuesday tend to be hasty, excitable and impetuous. They are brave and bold, but susceptible to accidents, injuries, wounds and prone to quarrels.

WEDNESDAY is ruled by Mercury. The action of Mercury is mental, subtle and continuous. Mercury problems include issues with the eyes and ears plus difficulty sleeping, thinking or communicating. These problems should be treated with herbs and remedies of Jupiter or the Moon on Wednesday or during Wednesday hours. Wednesday people tend to be studious and suffer from mental disorders, brain-fag, fatigue from over-study. These folks need periods of mental rest to relax the nerves. Truthfulness and spiritual clarity is the best tonics for the Mercury mind.

THURSDAY is ruled by Jupiter. Thursday is a good day for religious devotion, quietude, peace of mind and relaxation. The nature of Jupiter is generally expansive and positive. It tends to be cooperative regarding most healing procedures. Any mental, nervous and chronic disorder finds relief when treated on Thursday and in the hours of Jupiter. It’s absolutely true that Thursday people can go overboard in matters of enjoyment. Putting on the pounds and a lack of exercise can cause heart problems. Overall these folks are kindly and generous. with particular religious or philosophical inclinations.

FRIDAY is ruled by Venus. Friday is a great day for pleasure, recreation, amusement, and travel. The influence of Venus is to enrich and ennoble the mind. It gives a deep love of beauty and harmony. Venus people are fortunate due their natural goodness. The goddess Venus herself bestows the necessities and the niceties of life to her children. People born on Friday create their own problems with inappropriate bonds, intemperance, laxity and carelessness. Their value is an ability to sense the aesthetic, social or spiritual worth of others.

SATURDAY is ruled by Saturn. This is the day of reaping our just rewards. Unfortunately most of us remain unaware of the laws of Karma, so Saturday demands payment instead reward. It is common to spend time on Saturday in prayer or performing good deeds. The inflammations and fevers of Mars are remediated when treated on Saturdays, in Saturn hours and with Saturn remedies. People born on Saturday tend to be melancholic, serious and grave. They face many delays, disappointments and misfortunes, but can live long lives if they develop a practical sense of perspective.

IMPORTANT! Medical astrology should only be used with an understanding of
the patient’s natal chart and along with the care of a health professional.

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