The Three Wives of Trump

Each of Trump’s three wives was born on Sunday. How in God’s world did that happen?

It’s true that Donald Trump has married three women who were all born on Sunday. It’s strange, but not that unusual to  repeat certain “patterns” in regard to the different days of the week. We simply aren’t paying attention to the part that the seven day week plays in our daily lives. Even astrologers rarely consider the seven Day Rays in their readings and research, but it is the study of the day of the week energies in which Dayologists excel.

When astrologers determine the compatibility between two or more people, they look to the condition of the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and other planets in each birth chart. They check how the celestial bodies in the two charts work together and how they affect the various areas of relationships. Astrologers generally focus on the most harmonious relationships between individuals before they address any inherent problems. The decision-making process of forming, maintaining or ending relationships is the responsibility of each individual.

Dayologists compare the Dayology signatures of two or more people. They work primarily with the life purpose (INNER and OUTER) that fulfills each person. They focus on spiritual growth that occurs in our side-by-side evolvement. All beings are compatible at the Day Ray level as long we realize that our individual natures are unique and yet similar to the degree that we must co-exist. Our personal compatibility with anyone depends upon our degree of consciousness, however the Dayology signatures describe how to proceed along our paths.

Donald Trump and his three wives is a perfect example for Dayology analysis. He clearly not a highly conscious person and spiritual growth is not one of his goals. Still he is “child of god” and the “forces of the universe” flow through him. For these reasons, we can state that Trump’s decision to marry three Sunday born females must have served an unconscious need. It is unlikely he actually knew or considered the days on which these women were born.

The Dayology Analysis

Ivana Trump

Marla Maples

Donald Trump

Melania Trump

The three wives of Donald Trump all have the Sun as their Day Ray, although their Sun Signs are different. Ivana is a Pisces; Marla is a Scorpio; and Melania is a Taurus. These three zodiac signs are receptive in nature, so these females shine in subordinate positions. All three women gained their social reputations through the beauty queen and glamour modeling scenes.

Throughout history women born on Sundays have had relationship issues. They are strong but are not permitted to assume the same roles as their masculine counterparts. So they they join up with successful men in an effort to share some of the power. Even though these women restrain their own sun natures, they cannot resist from trying to control certain situations.

In contrast Trump has no solar energy in his Dayology signature. Venus and Mercury are the planetary indicators of his life purpose. Mercury prompts Trump to use his OUTER powers of communication. He earned his name through business dealings and as the U.S. President he is trying to rule the world setting groups against one another and degrading human values.

Trump’s helplessness regarding strong women comes from his Venus attraction to beauty and desire to use females for his momentary interests. Men born on Friday have an INNER capacity to be women’s best lovers, dearest friends and strongest advocates. These Venus roles are only available to men who dial back male dominance and inflated masculinity.