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The midterms are approaching and Steve Kornacki is there to report the election results. Yes, we have come to depend upon this political genius for explanations of the final outcomes.

You never know how an U.S. election will turn out these days, but we can be assured of one thing. Steve Kornacki will be stationed at the MSNBC Big Board discussing exit polls and presenting the final totals. We will be informed by all his fast moving projections and voting histories of various local districts. Finally his commentaries maintain a perfect balance regarding  the views of parties and candidates. Actually Kornacki is a national treasure in as much as he appears to care about tracking the vote of every single American.

Who is this political genius? “Kornacki is the network’s wonky, bright-eyed, wildly eager analyst who uses the world’s biggest iPad to break down election results across America on a incredibly granular level.” That’s how his personality is described by Jen Chaney on Vulture. His professional style is summed up by The Straight Gay World of Steve Kornacki by Joe Pompeo. “What he’s doing so through a mix of nerdsmanship  and old- fashioned shoe leather, as opposed to partisan zeal, makes him a curious specimen of cable news.

Steve Kornaki was born in Groton, Massachusetts and graduated from Boston University.  His professional career began in 2002 as a reporter for PoliticsNJ,com. His investigative articles appeared in major online publications and brought an invitation to host on MSNBC. For some time now he has filled in for Chris Matthew’s Hard Ball, All in with Chris Hayes, and The Rachel Maddow Show. In 2017 Kornacki was named National Political Correspondent for NBC News Group  after clearly demonstrating his on-air expertise.  His first book The Red and the Blue: The 1990s and the Birth of Political Tribalism was released this October. 

Steve Kornacki

Steve Kornaki was born on a Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Leo. These two energies create the #41 Dayology signature. Mercury is the  ruler of Wednesday and the Sun is the ruler of Leo. This combination provides Kornaki with both a mental brilliance and a charismatic personality.

Mercury is the planet of the mind. As one of the Roman Gods, Mercury acted as their heavenly messenger. Likewise individuals born on Wednesday are fine writers, communicators  and interpreters. Often Mercurial males maintain their youthful good looks far beyond what might be expected. This is the astrological source of Kornacki’s boy wonder charm.

Just watching Kornacki apply his technical expertise to any electoral  situation is an amazing experience. Other broadcasters perform these duties, but Kornacki excels in his enthusiasm for the intricacies of the U.S. political process. It is precisely his Leo exuberance that makes him so universally likable. He is doing that which satisfies his heart and which serves the public.

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