Speaking of Dayology

Yes, like any other typology, Dayology has its own terminology.  These terms explain the Dayology belief system. Many open-minded individuals have discovered that Dayology is surprisingly compatible with most world faiths and esoteric traditions. Others have discovered that this mode of thinking opens the windows of their souls making new vistas available.

Creation – All that is.

Creator – The being, force or idea responsible for Creation.

Day Ray – The energy or feeling of each of the seven days of the week.

Dayology – The study of the seven days of the week and the manner in which their innate energies influence individuals, relationships and everyday events.

The Dayology Week – The seven days of the week form a continuous cycle of energies which are experienced through creativity, sacred ritual and other spiritual disciplines.

The Great Septenate – An expression of the Creator. The point of origination for the seven universal energies known as the Day Rays while they work in time and space.

Inner Life – The activity of an individual’s Inner Self. The Inner Selves are actively involved in their own world, but if invoked they can influence our Outer lives.

Inner Self – The part of our being that is usually hidden from others and sometimes from ourselves. It is the source of our inspiration and consolation.

Inner World – The lighted place where our Inner Selves dwell and blissfully actualize the intentions of the Creator. It is the realm of Spirit and the home of our Souls.

Outer Life – The activity of the Outer Self within the Outer World. It consists of the everyday experiences that we commonly refer to as our collective reality.

Outer Self – Another term for term for the human personality. It is the composite of our physical, emotional and mental natures.

Outer World – The physical world in which we live. It is the normal reality for most of us.

Sun Sign – The position of the Sun against the Zodiac as Earth travels its yearly path through the solar system. The Sun Sign determines the general nature of the Outer Self.

Zodiac – A ring of constellations acting as a celestial backdrop for our solar system. The twelve zodiac signs operate as archetypes for the human psyche.

TIP! One of the best ways to understand these Dayology terms is to quietly reflect upon the manner they are used in the Dayology Analysis in the weekly features in this blog. These concepts while new to our everyday minds are very natural to our higher minds.

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