SITEMAP – You Decide!

Dayologists study the Sun Signs and Day Rays of famous people to gain insights regarding into their character. Sometime birth dates aren’t even offered. And you’d think that everything published online and in books would be correct but that is not always the case.

Over time we’ve studied enough groovy celebrities and historical figures to state that online biographies are not neat and tidy packages. In fact these biographical accounts are filled with inaccuracies, especially regarding birth data. Celebrities outright lie about their ages. Numerical figures are entered improperly. You name it; we’ve dealt with it!

The following YOU DECIDE! features were offered to a group of Dayology students. We can learn a lot by following along the procedures that they established. They can help us develop the logical and intuitive skills necessary for conducting Dayology Research.

12/12/2018 YOU DECIDE – Marie Laurencin
10/29/2018 YOU DECIDE – Brian Jones
1/26/2018 YOU DECIDE – Willy Nelson
1/27/2018 YOU DECIDE – Sybil Leek
1/28/2018 YOU DECIDE – Chris Carter
11/24/2017 YOU DECIDE – Zena Grey
9/2/2017 YOU DECIDE – Shirley Jackson
8/9/2017 YOU DECIDE – Kim Jung Um
7/4/2017 YOU DECIDE – Whoopie Goldberg 


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