SITEMAP – The Shadow Effect

We all have shadows. We have physical shadows that show up in the sunshine. And we have psychological shadows which distort our personal intentions and intensify the dark elements in the world. The following individuals face difficulty managing their personal shadows.

These figures may not be inherently or absolutely evil, but a lifetime of poor choices made it difficult for them to consciously or peacefully coexist with others. They live blindly within the everyday imprisoning interplay of light and dark. Their souls are disrespected.

The Shadow Effect Archive

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12/21/2019 –Unsavory Dealings
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3/31/2018 – Stormy Weather
11/18/2017 – Captives and Captors
10/3/2017 – Who Would Do …
8/18/2017 – Recalling Heather
12/28/2016 – JonBenet Ramsey


It doesn’t take much effort to see that the ratio of males to females in our Shadow Effect Gallery is strongly in favor of males. All of these figures have taken it upon themselves to break the laws of the land in which they live or to harm those who look to them for protection. These “bad actions” only continue because we let it happen. Our laws need to be enforced, not to keep the common man in line, but to prevent further abuse by those with power and influence.